Top 15 Daytona 500 Destinations to Hit Every Speedweek

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Want to go to the #Daytona500 Speedweeks and feel like you know where to go? Here’s 20 years of experience all in one place where we’ve highlighted the top 15 Daytona spots to hit during Speedweeks. We’ve loaded THE BEST, proven race fan approved, that you have to go to every year during Speedweeks.  We’ve been to them all. We’ve eaten at them all. And we’ve certainly drank at them all.  So let’s do this!

Want to do even more? Check out the Google Map Honorable Mention layer as well.

There’s at least another dozen spots that you can check out. They’re typically not on our list to hit every year, but they should be seen at least once if you hit Speedweeks.

Got something we need to know about? If you have one you think is worthy, let us know. We’ll check it out and get back to you.

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No. 15 – Walmart Super Center (W. Granada Blvd)

Daytona_08 057

Get supplies – see a few drivers. Get a few autographs. Check newspaper for updates.

No.14 – Volusia Mall  (W. Int. Speed Blvd)

2016-01-27Daytona_08 090

How bout a bit of shopping. Usually the race is around Presidents Day, so you can get some discounts. And there’s nothing better then grabbing some breakfast before the #Daytona500 and walking thru with an open beer (don’t try this at home).

No. 13 –  Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson (I-95)

If you like Harleys, you have to come see this Harleytown. A must see.

No. 12 – Daytona Flea Market (Tomoka Farms Rd, Daytona Beach)

daytona flea market

#Daytona500 before and includes the day after for some post race picking. A must see.

No. 11 – Ocean Deck Restaurant (S.Ocean Ave.)


Great beer – Great food – Great atmosphere. Valet parking. Solid burger.

No. 10 – Boondocks Restaurant (S Peninsula Dr, Port Orange)

2015_ (1623)

A great place to eat on the Halifax River. Not a far drive. Good food – great atmosphere.

No. 9 – Crabby Joes Deck & Grill (S Atlantic Ave, Port Orange)

2015_ (1596)
2015_ (1588)

Great food – On the pier – In the ocean! Bloody mary’s are awesome. Food very solid – great fish specials. Indoor and outdoor. Outdoor picnic tables are hard to get.

No. 8 – Publix

For at least a couple of days you may want to bring a sandwich. This place does it right.


Sandwiches – Phone or online order – Fast, Cheap, Tastes Great – Good chicken fingers too!
3044 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118 – Order Online


Or get the app and create login – Click Here

No. 7 – Charlie Horse Restaurant (S Atlantic Ave, Ormond Beach)

2015_ (1490)
2015_ (1491)

Best Ribs and Crab Legs around. Favorite of race teams and crews. Cold tap beer. Big line out the door – always.

No. 6 – Down the Hatch Restaurant (Front St, Ponce Inlet)

Daytona_08 458

One of our favorites – Outdoor patio – great Halifax River view – great bar and music. If the temp is nice – this is a must place. Great food too. Not expensive. This waitress even honored us with the Jersey bird (totally unintentional so she says)

No. 5 – Brickyard Lounge and Grill (W. Int. Speed Blvd)

2015_ (1421)
2015_ (1420)

The legendary Brickyard burger! Once you have one, you might go back a few times during your visit.

No. 4 – Boot Hill Saloon (Main St. Daytona Beach)

Daytona_08 013
Daytona_08 018

Better here then across the street – the graveyard. Ride up, rental car up. Just a great staple. Beer deals – can smoke cigars. Just a great hangout.

No.3 – Daytona Fan Zone and Souvenir Trailers (W. Int. Speed Blvd)

Daytona_2012 007
2015_ (1520)

Exhibits – Driver Trailers – Pay the extra $99 and get the bracelets. Limited availability. Gets you into the bar, stage area, and garage deck.

No. 2 – #Daytona500  (W. Int. Speed Blvd)

Daytona_08 325

What more can we say. And with the new “stadium” and Daytona Rising completion, this is the #1 racing venue in the world…guaranteed.

No. 1! Daytona Beach (Multiple Entry Spots)

2015_ (1576)
Daytona_08 481

Lastly – it goes without say – you have to drive on the famed Daytona Beach! Watch out for the pedestrians (kidding – picture was staged).

Now that you’re ready like a veteran, also look to the map and the Honorable Mentions.

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