Trash Talk and Idle Threats Reach Feverish Pitch as an All Jersey Field Clashes in Coplay

Coplay, PA / Basking Ridge, New Jersey- After a year of loud talk and countless practice sessions, it was time to put all bragging aside as groups congregated at the famous Lehigh Valley Sporting Clay and Trap Club to challenge for  the 2012 New Jersey “Pull This” Sporting Clay Braga Dosha Challenge Cup. In the end, it was seventeen year old Hunter Betz representing Team Betz from Basking Ridge, New Jersey who walked away with the coveted Bragadosha Cup. While the event has normally been held the day after Thanksgiving, this years event took place on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Four teams representing some of New Jersey’s best shooting families were in attendance at the 2012 challenge ranging in ages from 10 to 90 (well at least that guy Betz acts like a 90 year old). At the conclusion of the event, the teams were hosted to an outstanding barbecue dinner at the legendary Grumpy’s Roadhouse BBQ and Tavern in nearby Mechanicsville, PA. Upon presentation of the cup, Team Betz representative Hunter Betz accepted the trophy on behalf of the event organizers. “It’s a real honor to win this event for the second time. I’m really glad I only got a little rib juice on that classic trophy, noted Betz. I think my dogs are gonna lick it clean when I get home.”

2012 Highlights

Temperatures ranged in the low 30’s as wind and snow flurries swept the newly configured sporting clay course, built exclusively for the sporting clay challenge. Four teams from  New Jersey competed in this years challenge representing Westfield, Cranford, Basking Ridge and Liberty Corner. Teams from Virginia and Wisconsin were absent due to other commitments. It was later confirmed that they just we’re unable to field enough high caliber shooters to compete with the Jersey talent, noted many of the participants. “It’s not like they don’t know how to shoot,” commented Brooks Betz, organizer for the event. “They just felt it better to not embarrass themselves on the course this year. After all, it is the Bragadosha Cup, so what would it be without throwing around some trash.” Betz, Chair of the 2012 “Pull This Challenge” noted at the press conference that the challenge held some new surprises as well.  “They were probably at the mall with their wives or girlfriends or at some small business Saturday shopping event. This year, in recognition of Hurricane Sandy, a portion of all of the proceeds will be donated to local charities to support the impacted communities in New Jersey.

Groups representing Team Jennings, (Tim TJ Jennings – Captain), Greco Weave (James Greco – Captain), Team Halpeen (Brendan Halpin – Captain) and Team Betz (Sam Betz – Captain) shot up the 13 station course in just over three hours. The youngest newcomers, James Greco and Georgia Jennings lead formidable efforts of their teams during the challenge often fighting the cold with hot pockets and warming exercises throughout the afternoon. A few perfect scores at a number of stations were recorded. Betz noted” There were a lot of perfect shots out there at a number of stations. Perfect zeros seemed easy to come by and boy were we all embarrassed.”

On there final station there was a two shell shoot off between Greg Halpin and Howard Greco who were fighting for sixth place bragging rights. With their scores tied at 46, it was Greco that bested Halin with a perfect two hit sudden death victory against Halpin’s 1 miss. “It was so great”, noted Greco. “I killed that guy and stuck it right in his face.” Halpin just laughed and said “I’m cold, let’s go eat!” Halpin was referencing to the events post event gala at Grumpy’s BBQ Banquet Center.

The Rabbit

A course favorite at two new stations (9,10) provided the opportunity to blast fast moving ground running rabbit targets. Sam Betz was noted numerous times commenting on the rabbit targets. “I just love those “yiddle, yiddles” noted Betz. “I love when you get to blast them to peices and the target explodes right in front of you.” Yiddle-Yiddle is a slang reference to a little little target, spoken with a baby voice. Of other noteworthiness was Georgia Jennings, the 11 year old sensation who gained numerous points on the course when firing on the ground targets.

Jesus was in the House

Of additional noteworthiness, many times during the initial stages of the Cup Challenge, there were numerous references to god and his son Jesus on the Course.  After the 12 guage gun was fired, noted sharp shooter Taylor Jennings loved to praise Jesus after each pull from the trigger. “It’s great when you see that level of commitment from the participants,” noted Betz. “I swear she could of said it 100 times and I smiled every time. It’s great to see religion brought back into the sport of sporting clays.”

Additional Inspiration

With the 2012 election results in and the public suffering experienced from Hurricane Sandy there was even more motivation for shooters who attended the 2012 Cup. “Do we really need to say anymore?” noted Betz,  “With all the hope and change coming at us, the Challenge was a great way to hone skills and prepare for armageddon.”

Many of the stations at the challenge highlight aiming skills such as the “Protect My Generator Station”, the “Don’t try to cut in the Gas Can Line” stance, and the ever popular “I’m protecting my right to vote station!” With the area coming off one of it’s hardest weather hits with Hurricane Sandy, Betz expected many newcomers to shooting to attend. “Gotta get that practice in somewhere!”

Cup Beginnings – Put up or Shut Up

The New Jersey “Pull This” Sporting Clay Braga Dosha Team Challenge Cup was organized to provide an outlet for post Thanksgiving testosterone in a highly competive environment where shooters could prepare for the upcoming hunting season, or to just blow off some steam. The inaugural event started back in 2010 and was held at the prestigious Lehigh Valley Sporting Clay Club  just north of Allentown in Coplay, Pennsylvania.

Organizer Brooks Betz mentioned “It’s really sad when you have to go to Pennsylvania to hold a New Jersey shootout!” Betz is referring to the increasing efforts being made to shut down sporting clay venues in New Jersey occurring over the last 20 years due to environmentalist bad behavior. There are very few trap,skeet, and sporting clay venues left in New Jersey. “But gosh darnit, we’re gonna keep this challenge going,” stated Betz, who, while passionate, rarely swears when making a point.

2012 Banquet BBQ Highlights

At the conclusion of the event, the teams were hosted to an outstanding barbecue dinner at the legendary Grumpy’s Roadhouse BBQ and Tavern in nearby Mechanicsville, PA. With the brisket and pulled pork flowing out of the kitchen, the chili and chicken gumbo was also served up alongside classic mac-n-cheese and slow baked bbq baked beans. The crowd loved the beans knowing that their friends and family would pay dearly later.

Upon presentation of the cup, Team Betz representative Hunter Betz accepted the trophy on behalf of the event organizers. The teams wrapped up the event at about 7:30 and headed back to New Jersey tired yet satisfied. The Bragadosha Cup delivered once again. Comments were made why the cup shouldn’t be done sometime during a warmer time of the year. The response was simple. It’d be too easy to do that. Could you imagine doing this when it’s warm? Everyone scratched their heads contemplating what they just said…. But Thanksgiving is in November….and that’s when we do it.

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