Employees Being Watched via cameras

Employees Being Watched via cameras

Today, more than ever before, the video camera in the workplace has become commonplace. According to small business owners, they have the right to evaluate their establishments to make sure employees are acting appropriately. But are you ok with this “boss watching”? Is it even legal?

T3C received a tip that a local bar had installed cameras throughout the establishment to record activity in real time so the bosses could log in at anytime. Not to watch the customers, but to watch the employees. “Big brother” is watching you,” said the bar owner that was also working the bar. “It’s a reality today. I know when I give you this shot, I’m going to get a call from my boss to stop it.”

Cameras are now watching the bartenders.

Now that’s the question we have for this audience. Do you feel it’s acceptable to have bosses watching over you and actually sending text messages to you if you do something they don’t like?

Over the past five years, local governments have taken up the issue of installing security cameras in private establishments. In some cases, this debate occurred at the state level. At other times, laws were proposed by local municipalities. There question at hand is: “Should governments, whether local, state or federal, be able to force business owners to install surveillance equipment?” There are those who affirmatively answer the question and those who negatively respond.

Entitled Owners and Supervisors

In a few cases, bars and clubs must install security cameras to comply with local laws. In these instances, an establishment’s liquor license can be forfeited, if cameras are not installed. Regardless of one’s personal opinion, placing security cameras in strategic locations is clearly the best choice when local laws demand it. Keeping a business’ doors open is much better than having the police close them.

Another scenario has come up where bosses are installing GPS trackers for delivery companies like UPS and FedEx. “They’re actually embedding GPS signaling information in their tools like the signature pads so that supervisors can keep an eye on their employees. While Union organizers have gotten into the discussion and disapprove, small companies are having little push back putting GPS tracking devices in their fleet vehicles.

Monitoring Software for “Work From Home” Employees

Now there’s even software that allows bosses to watch you at home. InterGuard’s employee monitoring software lets you track all employees activity from any endpoint – even when they work from home. Monitoring employee computer activity helps you proactively identify which employees are being productive and how much time is spent idle or on non-work related tasks. Set up “suspicious behavior alerts” and get a remote view of the employee’s desktop. During Covid-19 when employees were working from home, big brother might be watching as well.

Is your work laptop watching you?

Employee monitoring software with productivity and time tracking features will quickly identify your team’s superstars, time-thieving slackers and in-betweeners. You’ll have more time plan business growth by automating the time-consuming job of manual employee productivity tracking. InterGuard gives you quantifiable metrics on time spent on websites and apps that you consider productive or non-productive. Take it a step further by blocking websites or apps that are against employee web usage policy.

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software

Companies with large work-from-home employees are instaling software on the PC or Mac desktop or laptop that you want to monitor as they start tracking exactly what your employees are doing on their computers. You can easily search data to view logs and desktop screenshots of employee activity. You’d think there’s a legal responsibility, but currently there isn’t.

It reminds us to a sign we saw once at a consulting firm that stated, “Character is based on what you do in the elevator when you think no one is watching.” The point is, it looks like they’re ALWAYS watching.