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It’s natural to fear a layoff. It’s even worse to go through one. Recession or not, the subconscious will take a hit and you’re going to feel all kinds of emotions as you come to grip with any job related transition. While many lay blame on a multitude of factors for not getting rehired, the perception of being a victim will never get you to your next opportunity. A group called the Career Forum in Basking Ridge, and a volunteer named Lloyd Feinstein,  has been serving up free support, counseling, and positive energy for those less fortunate who are working to not be a victim and find new ways to stand out and find new employment opportunities.

Job hunting in today’s market is a tough job. With an economy in the tank, and employers nervous of the economic climate, you sometimes feel that no one is going to have a job if things don’t improve. The Career Forum, based at the Somerset Hills YMCA in Basking Ridge, New Jersey sponsors a weekly support group that presents a well thought, balanced support program that breaths life into the thankless job of job hunting. Run by volunteers,  the program is top notch and the volunteers are some of the best people you’d ever run into.

The volunteers are NOT grieve counselors , so don’t show up looking for a pity party.

“No one really wants to come here,” states Lloyd Feinstein. “It’s like going to a funeral. We usually see people for as long as they’re out of work. Then when they land a job, we’re the last place anyone wants to come back to.” Lloyd doesn’t take it personally, “It’s just human nature.”

Lloyd demonstrates regularly that candidates have little room for error when they’re trying to differentiate themselves.   “When a resume is afforded to a hiring manager, you only have 10 seconds of their time to make an impression. That’s it! So it better be a powerful pitch.” Realizing that he’s right and the candidates have a lot of work to do, Lloyd’s  commanding presence shocks many into action. “It’s about selling yourself. While technical jargon on resumes is necessary, your personality and attributes need to shine through because that’s the 80% that really matters.” After just one session, no matter what you think, the program is bold, counter intuitive, logical, and demandingly powerful. You’ll also enjoy can be coined “The Lloydisms”, a number of creative and thought inspiring comments and phrases that drive the audience to respond. Anyone who’s into a job search, or looking to improve a resumes  marketing message, Feinstein is the professor and class is in session.

“His” Program

Lloyd Feinstein has been a dedicated career counselor for over a quarter century, and has boosted the lives of more than 2,700 executives and professionals.   His seminar is entitled Strategies and Techniques for Positioning Yourself in the Competitive Job Market (on DVD – 2007). Feinstein’s style is unique, challenging, and exciting because many of his lessons are contrary to what most have read and been taught in school. His confidence breeds confidence throughout.

A mix between author Peter Drucker and cartoon legend Mr. Magoo, Lloyd is a true life character in his own right. He’s opinionated, self conscious, and extremely passionate about getting people to realize their potential. Unlike career coaches that work on a host of other psychological aspects, Lloyd’s key focus is to get you to think about the problems that the hiring manager is facing. “Every resume today focuses on the candidates accomplishments, and not the hiring manager’s situation,” states Feinstein. “I guarantee that as the participants come and listen at the career forum, they eventually figure out that the only reason someone gets hired is when they can solve the hiring manager’s problems.”

Feinstein approaches resume writing using a business approach to writing called PAR  methodology; problem, action, result. It is a simple yet very effective way of communicating one’s value to a current or future employer that results in more interviews and better job offers. One of his handouts mentions, “Don’t forget to set goals, establish benchmarks, make a plan, and keep score. You will need to build a brand.”

HR is the Enemy

Don’t get him started on human resources. “HR’s the enemy!” HR is the gatekeeper that prevents you from getting your message to the hiring manager. “Do you honestly believe that HR posts a job online and actually reads a 1,000 resumes that go to the inbox? You better differentiate yourself and find another way. ”

One method Lloyd preaches is full disclosure. “You need full disclosure on the resume; everything you can that presents the full picture of who you are in 10 seconds – with no surprises!” Feinstein goes into his story of a 5’2″ 350 pound woman who he advised to put her attributes on her resume. She did, and she still got the interview and ultimately landed the job.  The point being that the more the manager knows about a candidate in advance and you get the interview, those items have already been disclosed and are NOT going to be an issue. “Age, weight, sex, marital status, you name it….put it on the resume,” says Feinstein with total confidence.

The Help

In 2010, attendance at the Somerset Hills Career Forum at the YMCA sadly expanded due to the economic malaise. The attendees come with a broad base of experience and gender’s comprising of lawyers, IT techies, Human Resource personnel, Bankers, executives, and even their executive assistants. There are people there who are unemployed, underemployed, and even some who are employed but fear the inevitable ax.

Even Feinstein’s Career Marketing Consultants team is expanding. Lloyd’s two sons, Jamie and Keith, have dropped their hats in the ring to offer support to the Career Forum on Tuesday nights at the Somerset Hills YMCA. With various backgrounds, Keith and his younger brother Jamie offer contrasting yet complimentary styles to the weekly discussions. Always thinking about the hiring manager is key. “Can this individual get the monkeys off my back?” and “What’s in it for me?” (W.I.I.F.M.), stated Keith.  “We know our program works, but the candidates at the Career Forum sometimes need to pass through the grieving stage before they decide they need our help.” It’s like a diet, sometimes you can do it on your own but bad habits keep heeding progress,” stated Jamie Feinstein. “That’s why we volunteer to help.”

Additional Information

There are a wide variety of topics presented weekly that include interviewing techniques, salary negotiations, presentation skills, job searchs on the internet, using Twitter to find a job, headhunter help, and resume reviews. Each topic is presented by volunteer subject matter experts and local support volunteers including Lloyd Feinstein of Career Marketing Consultants located in Murray Hill, New Jersey.  Part of the ongoing steering committee and YMCA supporters include Rob Stomber and Dennis Dooley.  Rob has been the moderating the weekly meetings since 2005 when he replaced John DeBellis who still continues to visit the group and offer assistance.  John was a coordinator at the Career Forum from 2002-2005. They’re all volunteers and are wonderfully dedicated people.

Career Marketing Consultants – Lloyd Feinstein – The family business is in full session working to re-engineering yourself, inventing ways to better sell your assets, effectively communicate, and above all differentiate. Principals include Lloyd and his two sons, Keith and Jamie.  Before founding Career Marketing Consultants, Feinstein was Director of Human Resources for Oppenheimer & Co. on Wall Street and Director of Human Resources for Cadence Industries Corp. in West Caldwell, N.J. He currently resides in New Providence, New Jersey. Feinstein offers all Career Forum participants the opportunity for a free resume consultation at his office. –  John DeBellis offers his professional services as well as free advice, downloads, and other tips for those searching during transition. Visit the sight and learn more about John’s free and paid services.

The Seminar Series – Advanced Interviewing Skills that Lead to Job Offers

Videotrekker Films – Full service video production services, who prepared the video introduction about the YMCA Career Forum and Lloyd Feinstein’s Career Marketing Consultants.

Somerset Hills YMCA Career Forum – A support group, sponsored by the Somerset Hills YMCA open to individuals who are between jobs, thinking of changing jobs, or re-entering the workforce.

  • Feb 23: How to Close the Interview & Sale: Long Thank You Letters, Best Candidate for the Job Summaries, Deal Sheets, Get the Job by Doing the Job Proposals, Case Studies – Keith Feinstein
  • Mar 2: Linked In: What you need to know & how to benefit from its use – Mike McMillan
  • Mar 9: How to Introduce Yourself, Build Your Confidence & Project a Winning Image: Crafting the Elevator & 2 Minute Pitch – Lloyd Feinstein
  • Mar 16: Mechanics of the Job Search: Answering Ads, Working with Agencies & Understanding the “Hidden” Job Market – Lloyd Feinstein
  • Mar 23: 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Their Resume & How to Avoid Them – Keith Feinstein
  • Mar 30: The Job Search at your Fingertips – Ruth Lufkin – Bernards Twp Library, Basking Ridge
  • Apr 6: Networking Profile – Karen Castellon
  • Apr 13: Advanced Interviewing Skills: How to Gain Control of Any Interview – Lloyd Feinstein, Tom Adams & Ralph Chandler
  • Apr 20: ABC’s of Salary Negotiations – Lloyd Feinstein

Meetings are held every Tuesday evening from 7:30p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Directions to the Somerset Hills YMCA can be found online at

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  1. Here’s the latest schedule of topics:

    Schedule Spring/Summer 2010 update 4/26

    * Apr 27, Linked In – what you need to know & how to benefit from its use in the job search – Mike McMillan
    May 4, Open Networking session – an open forum for Career Forum attendees to interface with one another and support mutual job and career transition efforts
    May 6, 6pm: *Special* Young Adult Forum
    May 11, Getting the Job You Should Want – how to figure out where to go next in your career – Lloyd Feinstein
    May 18, How to Get Past the First Interview – unless the interviewer can “sell” you, he won’t present you to his boss! – Lloyd Feinstein
    May 25, Opportunities in the Job Market in Morris County – Paul Boudreau, President, Morris County Chamber of Commerce
    Jun 1, P-A-R Theory & Use Workshop – the best method for communicating your VALUE! Bring your resume! – Lloyd Feinstein
    Jun 8, Where are the Jobs and How to Find Them – using SIC codes and direct mail strategies – Lloyd Feinstein
    Jun 15, 10 Components of Job Search Strategy – Mike Palestina, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant
    Jun 22, Resume Critique – participants have their document evaluated by the group – Keith Feinstein
    Jun 29, How Best to Compete – positioning yourself for advancement in a difficult job market – Lloyd Feinstein
    Jul 6, How to Close the Interview & Sale – using: long thank you letters; best candidate for the job summaries; deal sheets; get the job by doing the job proposals; case studies – Lloyd Feinstein
    Jul 13, How to Introduce Yourself, Build Your Confidence & Project a Winning Image – crafting the elevator & 2 minute pitch – Lloyd Feinstein
    Jul 20, Mechanics of the Job Search – answering ads, working with agencies & understanding the “Hidden” job market – Lloyd Feinstein
    Jul 27, 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Their Resume & How to Avoid Them – Keith Feinstein
    Aug 3, Turbo Charge Your Job Search – Dr. Sally Wright
    Aug 10, Advanced Interviewing Skills – How to gain control of any interview – Lloyd Feinstein
    Aug 17, Confidence & the ABC’s of Salary Negotiations – Lloyd Feinstein

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