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What…another Enterprise Program Management program? Not another program!

When acronyms get pushed around, sometimes you’re left with a “what the heck does that mean?” CRM, ERP, CCO, all focus on the Customer, but what about the methodology to manage those efforts that make you more efficient and effective so you can be able to build relationships. It’s Enterprise Progam Managent, and the future for making sure that all senior leaders understand the process, and are accountable to common goals, strategies, and accountability.

BNET, a business network sharing site, promoted a piece from an organization called Project Corps that highlights the approach for implementing Program Management across the enterprise.

Sample ERP Framework presented by Project Corp.

Not a small task, it’s an unbelievably complex re-engineering effort that will bring massive improvements to companies of any size. Take a look at what they have to say…. Called the “Cultural Shift to EPM” the writer states: “Resistance to change is natural in most companies. New ways of doing business are not successful if those new methods are simply levied upon people in the

organization. Lasting change is brought about over a gradual process that starts with fostering understanding and ends with people in the organization taking ownership in the success of the change. To provide a clear framework for managing cultural change, we have identified four stages of successful change: understanding, acceptance, participation, and ownership.

” What’s the Software Engineering Institute Have to do with this?

SEI is a leader in something called CMM, or capability maturity modeling. Their focus is software development because that industry found out long ago that a common process towards development is necessary. Measurement, metrics, planning, all fit into place with SEI. But it comes with a level of maturity. Maturity isn’t age, maturity is mature! Learn, define, process, measure, learn more! It’s been written many different ways, but the point is to follow a common process. So whether you use programs like Six Sigma, Prince2, CMM, CMMi, or whatever….add EPM and blend whatever methods you feel work best for your situation….and don’t get distracted or altered – STICK THAT IN YOUR PMO! (Sorry – Program Management Office).

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