A true Facebook annoyance. How does an administrator or creator of a Facebook Group or Fan Page get to change the name of the group (or fan page)?

facebook group iconGroups:
You can change a Facebook Group name if you created it or you administrate it. An email will go out to all group members stating that the name has changed in case they think the name has changed enough to opt out. For example: you have a group called Cat Lovers and you change it to Cat Haters…wooops, kinda changed the topic of the group – hence “opt out”.


facebook fan page iconFan Page Name Modifications:

Nope – No can do. You need to delete it and start over if you want to change the name of the Fan Page (or any page) for that matter. How fun is that..?

They’ve been saying they’d address Fan Page modifications, but nothing yet (Nov 15, 2009).


How’s that work for ya?

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