facebook fan page iconSo you made a mistake on naming your new Facebook Fan Page. You need to change the title to correct the problem.  Simple right? Is it possible? NOPE.

Is Facebook making it more difficult than it is or should be? IMHO…YES.

The reason for Facebook making it difficult is so that administrators can’t change the overall meaning of the Fan base. Think about it. Modifying a Facebook Fan page from “I love Facebook” to “I hate Facebook” totally changes the opinion of the fan base.

So it does make sense as to why Facebook makes it difficult. Here are a few tips….

Just remember that Facebook pages are different from your Facebook profile or Facebook Groups.

One additional point; the Facebook Admin team will NOT make the change for you.

Take a look at the Facebook Fan admin FAQ page…


What to Do

If you’ve only got a few Fans or just created the Fan page….delete it and start over.

Guess people get confused because you can change a Facebook Group name…and it notifies everyone in the group that the name changed and gives them the opportunity to accept the change or “opt out” of the group.

Should they change the function and allow Facebook Admins the right to change the Fan page name?

1 thought on “Editing a Facebook Fan Page Name

  1. Do you know how many fans I need in order to change the URL of my page. Not my personal page, but any page that I create? Is it 25?

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