Tracking Flight Costs with Online Tools

So you’re planning a trip and need airfares. Maybe you’ve heard that buying tickets on Tuesday’s are the best time, there are new tools you can use to alert you that a deal is possible. As technology continues to disrupt industries, travel tools now allow you track flight prices, track historic data, and predict or project if you’re going to get a better deal, or if you should buy now.

Before you Buy

Shopping for flights is now like shopping for stocks. We recently reviewed using the Kayak Alert tool that allows you to track flights to a city on a daily basis, while also seeing historic trend data for flights to that city. It’s a great way to see what kind of deals are out there, but also lets you know if the trend is up or down, and how much you can save (or lose) each day.

Flight Alert


We’d think that it’d be great to have the tool give the option of selecting “flights to all Florida cities” so you’d be able to check all the areas and find the lowest cost options to all airports in the area, vs. having to select the cities yourself.

You’ll need to set an account and provide an email. The tool also works for hotels.




Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site, where people are inspired to plan trips and book them directly, choosing from millions of travel options at the best prices.

Skyscanner is unbiased and free, which means the more than 50 million people who use us every month can trust our comprehensive range of flight, hotel and care rental options.


Visit Skyscanner and try it out – no need to create an account but you do need to provide an email if you want to receive alerts.

After you Buy

Now what can you do to make sure your ticket price is the best available even after you buy.  Another cool tool is Yapta. Yapta allows you to:

Logo- Yapta

  • Track airfares & availability so you’ll know when to buy
  • Track the rates on specific hotels and know when the price drops
  • Already booked an airline ticket? Keep tracking your price. If it drops, you can get airline credit.

Termed “Intelligent Price Tracking Technology”, Yapta identifies both corporate and personal travel.  Try it out for yourself. Visit


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