Experience Iceboarding – The fastest game on ice!

Air Borne Freeskate SailorIt’s one of the fastest sports around. Freeskating, also know as ice-boarding. Found mainly in the “ice belt” of the United States, it’s a great activity if you live in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Ice Boarding or freeskating has been going on since Air Borne sufboard founder and Long Branch native Paul Mindich invented the original Air Borne freeskate back in the early 1980’s. A bit of a cult-ish winter sport, it’s a natural crossover for those who windsurf in the spring, summer and fall. If there is a long stretch of ice – you’ll probably find a ice-board.logo_airborne freeskate

If you get the chance – give it a try!

See one of the fastest runs ever recorded:


A complete original Freeskate Winter Iceboard System for Sale –

  • Freeskeate Fiberglass Deck (late 80’s design)
  • Two sets of trucks (for skateboard wheels)
  • Rear Blade System Front Blade System
  • 3 Sails 2.6m sail Windsurfing Hawaii 3.5m sail North Sail 4.6m sail Sailworks
  • Boom – Adjustible –
  • North Sails Mast – 2 piece North Sails
  • Base Attachment (2)
  • Harness – DaKine
  • Harness Lines – Gorge
  • No nuts or wheels on Freeskate Deck

Pick up available in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

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