google_wave_logoGoogle Wave Collaborates in Realtime – Some call it the next Facebook killer. Other think it might put Twitter to bed.

Why is realtime collaboration such a big deal?

Maybe it’s because we didn’t let them keep score during sports, maybe it’s because we’re all equal. Maybe it’s just because time is so short that you really need to have others help you get it done. Maybe it’s just because we don’t want to be alone (well you’re most likely alone, you’re just connected and alone).

Whatever the reason, reatime collaboration software is in full swing.

The NPR panel includes Jeremy Pavleck (@jpavleck), Stacia Marlett (@factory_worker), Than Tibbetts (@thanland) and our own Sanden Totten (@sandentotten).
Maybe I’m just overly cynical this morning, but I can admit that I do know a good thing when I see it. I better go get a new cup of coffee and think this thru.

As part of the overall Google Ap approach to build things that we can really use,  it really is a neat idea. I just keep thinking about what this does to Google’s business model. With Google saving everything we search for already, it just blows my mind when they actually get to store and mine the information me and my friends create. Power does come with privacy and when this hits the street, it’ll certainly be a powerful tool.

Almost too powerful. IMHO….

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