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You work in the financial services industry?
Live in the New York Metro Area?
Where are you going to find a good recruiter/headhunter?

There’s no doubt that the job market is tough right now in the financial sector. Not only is it tough on the unemployed, but it’s been just as tough on the headhunders. Being based in the New York metro area, I’ve seen the pain and it’s tough out there.  While job cuts have begun to slow, it’s always been a fact that the financial services industry is the first to cut jobs prior to a downturn and is probably the first to hire during a recovery.

The climate is different this time around. During the last cycle there wasn’t a recession combined with bank failures, government bailouts, and an international outsourcing pipelines of business outsourcing. So has the recruiting industry changed this time? With the power of the internet, companies are always looking for a way to cut out the recruiter.

Why? ….most say it’s the commission.

Finding a Recruiter

Where do people go to find a good recruiter? It’s not like you go to the yellow pages or CareerBuilder and input “Headhunters NYC Financial Services” (Don’t try – it’s 12.2 million search results). While I’m looking for new opportunities as well, I’ve learned a few things about what a good recruiter does and want to share them with my professional network.

Call them headhunters, recruiters, pimps or whatever you want, but they better be one of your close allies and partners for a solid transition search. In a tough economy with an even tougher job environment, finding a good recruiter is almost as hard as finding a good job. There are companies that are hiring and recruiters/headhunters are one option that still exists for financial services jobs. Simply put, it’s an angle that you have to work.

So, where do you go if you need to find good solid representation when you’re involved in a job search? Many of my friends, including myself,  have been affected by the economic collapse in the financial services industry. The NY metro area unemployment statistics for this sector continues to be staggeringly high.

Why Post

This post is to get the word out to those recruiters who my personal network feel are on their game. It’s a networking game for sure. It’s part of an effort to expand my network, while also helping out anyone else I can. Even if you are gainfully employed, career coaches tell people time and time again to NEVER forget or let go of a good recruiter. Headhunters are not just for the unemployed.

Business Social Websites

Linked in is the Premiere Business Networking SiteSure sites like Linked In and business networking groups like Careers in Transition (Yahoo Group) certainly help build a network, I’ve yet to see a financial services recruiter network (maybe someone will set one up some day- hint hint).

One word of advice – Don’t under estimate the power of Linked In. If you’re not familiar with it, by all means get over there and build out a profile. Tweak it, tune it, visit it often. Once you’ve got it up and running, start building your network. One general rule – add those to your network who you’d be proud to recommend.

Mutual Respect

So who exactly is a recruiter’s client? Is it the company they’re recruiting for, or is it the person they’re looking to place? The answer is tricky but it’s actually both. A recruiter needs to understand both customers; the hiring firm and the candidate.

Can a Career Coach be A Recruiter?

There have been a few recommendations whereby the recruiter and coach are the same person.  In fact, a good recruiter should also be a coach; willing to meet with you, guide you, and  coach you to become a better candidate. Be wary of fees though. Some coaches charge a fee for their services. No one on our recommended list actually paid anything to their recruiters. But they did all admit that they were good coaches.

What about the Job Boards

Job boards are like the help wanted pages in newspapers. Statistics show that a huge percentage of job placements are NOT secured from job boards. Recommendation – Use them for reference. Use them for keyword searches and resume enhancements. But this is not where your job focus should be. So don’t spend your mornings looking at a bunch of useless alerts from job boards that just ripping each other off or agencies posting non-existing positions.

Recruiter Qualities include: 

  • Experience – How long have they been in the business?
  • Connections – Strong connections to companies in your sector
  • Professionalism – Are they really a professional and not just some job board hack with email capabilities
  • Follow-up: If they can’t follow up, then they can’t represent you
  • References – You’re only as good as your last placement!

The Growing List

Do you know any of the recruiters listed below? If not, you should get to know them.

Do you have a recruiter you’d like to recommend?
Post a comment only if you’re willing to put your name as a personal reference.

While all of the posts have been reviewed, they remain as personal recommendations of people who are in the financial services industry and who are willing to actually put their name as a stamp of approval and recommend their favorite recruiter.

Who Needs a recruiter?
Answer: Everyone!


While normally we’d place some lame disclaimer –  we’re not going to.
You know what the deal is. These are real people with real recommendations.
Use as you see fit.
Just tell them where you got their name!


Shaun A. recommends: (Information Technology – Production Support- Investment Banking)

I’ve worked with a few, Neil was the one for me…

Neil Effron –
+1 (212) 590-5955 x27
Cell – 917 576 0821

362 5th Avenue (34th-35th) , 9th Floor, New York, NY  10001


David T. recommends: (Financial Services Sales/Support- EVP Level)

My best is Fran Morriss., 914 834-6646.  Does trading and transition management along with other financial services searches.


Vipul N. recommends: (Senior Leader – Information Services)

I recommend Tom Stevens.  He did not place me, but he stood out in the crowd.  He’s smart, informed and reasonably well connected.  He even facilitated opportunities for me to network with like-minded professionals. In fact, I reached out to him for our recruiting needs at Ascend Worldwide (my new gig). Contact details as follows:

 Thomas K. Stevens, Principal

Financial Technology Services Division(781) 263-5222
The Bowdoin Group 40 William Street, Wellesley, MA    02481-3999


 Virgina L. recommends: (Information Technology – Technical Services – Investment Banking)

I’d like to recommend an excellent recruiter I’ve been working with. Even though I didn’t get the job, it certainly wasn’t this recruiter’s fault – the company decided to rehire someone who had worked there before. The recruiter did a thorough check on my profile, called my references and did anything possible to make me look good with the client.  He called me every day with an updated status. His name is Anthony Dazzo and the company is Teksystems.  Here is his contact information.

Anthony Dazzo  Recruiter
757 Third Ave, Suite 201, NYC, NY 10017
888.256.9179  T 212.588.5892


Greg H. recommends: (Technical – Financial Services – Investment Banking / Capital Mkts)

Rocco Zappia, 212-244-3366

Ed Koch, 732-713-3900 ,

Andrew Frank from BAMM , 732-222-2989 ,

Helen Blake at Genesis10,  212-688-5522 x227


Les M recommends: (Senior Executive – Professional Services – Top Tier Consultancy Firm)

Tom Spouse is a good one.

Prospect 33
1230 Avenue of the Americas, Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
tel: (646) 330 4178


Scott P. recommends: (Investment Mgt – CxO – Portfolio Mgt)

Deirdre MacCallan from Butterfass, Pepe & MacCallan placed me.  They worked me through several other opportunities as well.
They focus on investment management and risk management for financial institutions.
201 560-9500


Brian K. recommends: (IT Services – Quality Assurance – Financial Services)

Steven Pincus (contact info below) placed me in my current role.  Prior to being an executive recruiter, he worked in the recruiting departments of JPM and Morgan Stanley.  I like working with him.

Steven Pincus

Managing Director
TTI of NY, Inc
150 Broadway, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10038
212-964-6400 (x 1256) 646-495-9013 (direct dial) , 609-610-3617 – cell


Have a recruiter to recommend?

Post a comment   name and the persons details. We WILL check up with your professional reference before releasing the information to our network.


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  1. Good recruiters can help with career consulting, but that is not their main line of work. If you are good employee though; than finding a good recruiter to work for you is important to get the opportunities you deserve.

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