Hiding Your Facebook Posts to Friends

Lets say you grab your kids smartphone and you add yourself to their friends list and you don’t want them to see your posts. Yes you can hide Facebook Posts so they don’t show up on one of your Friends walls.

With the new “timeline” format to Facebook, the process is a bit more complicated.


Here’s how you hide posts from Facebook Friends that you don’t really want them to know you’re posting:

  • Next to your homepage is a arrow – Click on the Account Settings Link
  • Click on “Privacy Settings”
  • Find the ¬†Timelines and Tagging and click Edit Settings


  • A pop-up window will come up with a number of settings
  • Select “Who Can See What Others Post on Your Timeline”

  • Select “Custom” – A new pop up window will come up.
  • Enter the names of Friends that you don’t want Friends to view –¬† “Hide This From”


Voila – your posts will not show to those Friends you add in that Custom Setup.

If there are other methods, let us know.



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