Is the Magic Jack for real? Does it really work like they say?

Is the Magic Jack for real? Does it really work like they say?
Is the Magic Jack for real? Does it really work like they say?

A New VOIP phone for your computer


 Watch out Skype and Oprah –  theres a new gadget in town!

….it’s the “magic Jack” and it’s hitting the airwaves by storm. Been up late night on CNBC and you’ll probably see it.
So who know’s if it really works? Is the trial a scam like many have posted on the web? Here’s what I’ve heard.

Does it Work?

Yes it does. Sometimes. But would you give up a reliable phone to get it. Maybe not.
The majic Jack is sold at Radio Shack. Rather than mess around with the trial and getting charged, why not just go down to Radio Shack and plop down the $40 bucks and give it a wirl. For $40 bucks, what’s the real downside risk? One meal for the family at McDonalds? Really people. It’s $40 bucks.

What you need?

    1. 1. The computer needs to be on all the time (no dormant stuff either).
  2. 2. Area codes are limited but you can get most.
  3. 3. Your current phone number is not portable (yet)
  4. 4. You need broadband. No DSL and no dialup.
  5. 5. 911 will register to your info you product registration info.

What’s the potential upside?

The upside? Simple….it works for you and you start saving some bucks.
Also, if you travel and your staying somewhere with broadband, just plug it in and use your local phone.
Other upsides include knowing that you don’t have to pay the government a bit of tax! Tax free baby.

What do you think?

Tell us what you’ve learned from your tests. I’m going out to buy one this week.
Below are two videos to take a look at (one news). There’s a lot of noise out there on the internet about this product and it’s up to you to know what’s real or not. Do believe the technology is out there. But at this price, for this type of unit, maybe a baby step is to VOIP thru Vonage, Cablevision or Verizon first.
Let us know what you think.
For product information on – Click Here

Here’s a video on the installation process and commentary.

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