Recently someone asked about PMP certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) if it was worth having. With five classifications and a host of credential/maintenance fees and program documentation, my response was mixed.

According to their website, the Project Management Institute (PMI) ” is the leading global association for the project management profession. Since our founding in 1969, we have been at the forefront of working with business to create project management standards and techniques that work.”

Ready to sign up?

Here are four simple rules for your consideration. After you’ve thought about them, we can get into some of the background.

Rules for PMP Certification

Rule 1 – If you need it- get it.
Rule 2- If you have it – maintain it.
Rule 3 – If you want it – and someone else is going to pay for it – get it.
Rule 4 – If you still want it – and you have to pay for it – weigh out your future benefits.

So where do I stand? I’ve met those who have a PMP certificate and couldn’t manage a project to save their life (nor the life of the project).  I’ve also met some of the brightest and most accomplished people that never took the time to get a PMP certification, nor do they think they need to.

What I’m saying is while the framework of the PMP is sound, and it’s evolution mature, being certified proves a few things:

you’ve studied, you’ve been tested….(in the classroom), you’ve passed, and you’ve shown some documented professional experience. Oh, and you paid the money!

What about Hiring Managers and the PMP Certification

If a law grad who’s just passed the bar are you going to hire them just cause they passed the bar? Probably not.

So switch it around. You’re a hiring manager and you need a project manager. Do you want someone’s that’s PMP certified?

If you’re going to hire, how about “Experience” first. “References” second. PMP Certification? Maybe –

Why? Having the PMP does prove that you’ve put the effort to learn the process and have successfully proven you know the standards established by the PMI.

So how about this: if you’re just out of school…definately start down the path to certification. It gives you something more and sets you apart.

So WHO is Certified?

Do HR hiring employers check if you put PMP after your name and post to your resume? For Christ’s sake I hope so! If they don’t- what’s the point.

Wanna check who’s PMP certification is active now –
here’s the link –

Which PMI Certification is Best?

Above is the latest PMI Certification listing. While the PMP is the most popular certification, take the time to visit their website and learn more about each of the certifications.

There’s also a printer friendly version if you click here


If you’re thinking about the PMP, by all means go look at the website and get the information. Talk to people you know. Find someone who has a PMP and talk with them (bet they’ll tell you it’s worth it!).
If you can do it (over time), document your experiences, and take advantage of the opportunities to add to the certification process.  If you study some, the PMP is not that hard of a creditial to achieve and you should put it on your “things to do” list.

(Below) Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework. Know it? Don’t forget initiation, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close! Oh, and all projects are temporary and they all end (sure they do!)

Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework. Know it? Don't forget initiation, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close! Oh, and all projects are temporary and they all end (sure they do!)
Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework.

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