Mice have figured out how to access Volvo’s XC90 interior and destroy cockpit.

The Volvo XC90 has been noted as one of the worlds  safest and most popular luxury SUV’s ever made.  But that might be changing and the Volvo XC90 might not be so safe after all. Since 2005 there has been an increasing number of documented occurrences of rodents, namely mice, gaining access directly to  the cockpit of Volvo cars and the the XC90 SUV. Local Volvo dealers have denied there is a problem, yet there continues to be evidence that these nocturnal rodents have found access to the car’s interior and begin their destructive antics eventually defecating, chewing seats and hoses, ruining the interior of this luxury SUV.

A local Volvo XC90 owner has seen mice in their car firsthand. “Let’s be clear, the Volvo vehicle IS the problem. There’s another car parked directly adjacent to the Volvo XC90 that’s never had a mouse get inside. I’ve heard of mice getting into engine areas, but that problem normally clears itself up when you drive the car. This problem is different”.  Not only is the problem dangerous from a driving perspective, but it also becomes a serious health issue. “Could you imagine driving at night to pick up the kids and a mouse runs across your feet? I’d crash immediately!” The owner asked to not reveal their name.

The owner’s 2005 Volvo XC90 was purchased off-lease at a Volvo dealer in New Jersey. “I really love my dealer, but if they don’t solve this issue, it’ll be the last Volvo I ever own. And believe me, all of my friends and colleagues will know too.” After searching the internet, the problem seems to be more widespread then first anticipated. Other Volvo owners feel the same way and are very upset at how the dealers and Volvo are handling the issue.

Glove Box Evidence

On numerous occasions, the presence of mice were found in glove boxes, front seats, third seats, heat air duct work and other various places.  “There’s only a guess that the previous owner of the vehicle knew of the problem, since we found a mouse nest in the glove box and the driver side lower heat duct had a styrofoam plug that the previous owner must have stuck in at the advice of the dealer.”

After traps were set in both the front and back of the Volvo XC90, the nocturnal creatures came out and the morning proved that the mice did in fact work their way through out the entire cabin of the 2005 XC 90. (See “gotcha” image above).

Another Volvo dealer added… “After an initial visit to the Volvo dealership, the dealer offered suggestions such as “keeping the doors closed” and “removing food from the vehicle”, but to no avail, the mice returned again. Whether it’s the glove box, the front panels, or whatever, mice have figured out how to enter the Volvo XC90. Guess the picture needs to go to the dealer.”

Dealer Solution Not Viable

So far, after discussing the problem with the dealer there’s been a variety of solutions proposed ranging from placing moth balls in the car and stuffing Bounce dryer sheets in the air ducts, to putting poison under the car seats. Service managers are quick to exhibit their dismay and general lack of knowledge that such a problem clearly exists. Let’s be clear and honest, all of those proposed solutions are ridiculous and self serving and in no way solves the problem of fixing the issue of stopping mice from entering the car in the first place. Volvo definitely has some explaining to do. Mice have figured a way to quickly get to the inside of Volvo cars and SUVs and the manufacturer must know how this can happen.

Internet Exposes Greater Systematic Problem

The internet has created a communication outlet for people to share all kinds of issues and this post proves that there are many people that are experiencing problems with mice accessing Volvo’s interior cabin. No Volvo owners, you’re not crazy.

The reason for the post is to share information with others so that they can also work with their dealers to rectify the problem. Below are a number of extracts of other Volvo owners who have experienced similar problems with mice getting inside their beloved Volvo. Volvo beware – if this issue is not fixed, those soccer moms who feel that Volvo makes the safest SUV on the market will quickly change their mind when they see mouse droppings on their baby seat like one owner posted below.

Volvo – figure out the problem and post the solution!

Take a look:



Fellow XC-90 owners with mice problems!!!!!!!!!!
It is the Volvo xc-90 not the owners…we have done everything to deter mice, traps, sealants, screens, extraordinary disinfecting, carpet shampooing, weekly vacuuming, no food near the vehicle etc.  Volvo will not take responsibility and we or Volvo do not know where the mice enter…under the tire compartment in the back…the sad news is I will never buy another Volvo again as it clearly a great home for mice. Even with all the heroic deterring, we trap and still   have new ones on a daily basis. A couple days without and then they are back.  VOLVO-PLEASE, PLEASE HELP otherwise this is a huge reason not to get a Volvo-ever!


We have the same problem with our XC90 (54reg)
Last year mice got in and I blamed myself for ?leaving door open. We trapped them and they went – for a while.
This autumn very careful never to leave door/boot open and still mice – trap one every night.
Car has been to VOLVO 4 or 5 times now and last time they valeted it and spent 7 hours checking it over, putting traps in, hosing it with water to look for holes, spraying sealant around cables entry to car, removing seats, carpets etc etc.
Dealer has been very helpful and sympathetic

Despite this, this morning just 6days after I got my car back they are there again!


We too have the same problem.  Mice in our 2005 XC90.  We presently leave baited traps in the car and 4 or 5 surrounding the car.  Volvo makes such a quality product, it is so hard to believe that they can’t fix this.  My wife loves this car but I know that we will never buy another one.  Customer Service Volvo America and Dealership have somewhat tried but have not had any ideas that work.  I would like to screen those back flaps that others have found but I cannot locate a service manual for this car to figure out where they are.  After hearing the success rate for this fix, may not be worth it.  I feel like the previous post that after spending $45,000 for a beautiful new clean car, it is hard to take when mice can enter and live so easily.


We too have mice in our XC90. We got it in Sweden and I’m pretty sure it had mice droppings in it from the boat ride over.

We’ve taken it to the dealer, paid 1000 dollars to have the dash/hvac torn apart, found the flaps in the rear side panels and put fine screen over them and yet still mice.

I’m going to call the service manager at Volvo in KC and let him try once more, if he can’t fix it I will not be buying Volvos from now on.


This is sad, we love our car and watching 45,000 dollars turn into a public mouse restroom has been painful.


I thought this thread was a joke but reading on, it seems other people have similar problems. 2 things to concentrate on, firstly what are the mice after in your car? you need to check everything under the mats etc maybe some sweets stuck somewhere, secondly and more importantly, there has to be an entrance point somewhere, have you checked the boot base or under the floor base in the driver/ passenger foot wells, I believe there is some rubber stoppers to drain water if it enters the car in case of flooding etc. You may need to replace the rubber bungs on there.


I have a XC70 with the same mouse problem and am getting no help from Volvo. We thought they were gone until we found a new nest in the glove box last night. The first round with the mice involved the mice getting into a bag of dog food left in the car and spreading it in the vent system. I could hardly stand the odor which is still lingering in my less than 1 year old car. They are now whittling away at my insulation and I want the critters out of my car. I, too, keep my AC on recirculation and will try screening the above mentioned access points. Any other suggestions out there?


Fyi, we screened the cowling ducts as well as the ducts at the back of the car that release the air pressure in the car when the doors are closed.  There were only little rubber flaps on those ducts providing very easy access to the interior of the vehicle.  My husband had found mouse poop at that entry point so we know that was one way they were getting in.  Since we screened these 2 entry points, we are still getting mice in the car so there has to be another way that the mice are entering.  I am also keeping my ac on recirculation whenever the car is parked.  We also called our Volvo dealership and they had never heard of this problem and offered no suggestion for correcting.  If anybody else has any other ideas of where to check and screen, please post.


They are probably coming in the cowling ducts. You can install screens or put dryer sheets in the area to deter them.


I also have an 06 Volvo XC90 and mice are getting into the cabin of this vehicle on a nightly basis.  Would you have additional information on how the mice are entering the vehicle?  I’m calling the dealership this morning.

Please help – I can’t stand getting into my car and I’m quite concerned I’m going to have an accident if I see a mouse while I’m driving.


I have an 05 XC90 and the same thing just started happening to me.  I have parked outside for nearly two years and this is the first time this has happened, but I had also left my car undriven for a couple weeks.  The mice moved in to the cabin, started building a nest in the glove box using leaves from outside the car and even set up storage of extra leaves under the driver side mat.  I actually saw a mouse run across the trunk of the car.  I would love to know where they are coming in from.  Since we live in the country, all of our car have had mice try to build nests under the hood of the car.  That I can deal with, but not when they have moved inside the cabin of the car.


Mice are getting into the main body of the car on a nightly basis.  The car has been into Volvo but they couldn’t see how the mice were getting in.  To be perfectly honest I don’t think they really took me seriously!  I am desperate to know if anybody else has ever had this problem with this particular car and if so, whether they ever found out how they were getting in.  As far as I know the engine is unaffected.  They just seem to hang out inside the car during the nighttime and then leave again by morning.


Other Posts:

I had a mouse problem in my car. Took it to Stillman to be fixed, and entered an insurance claim. The mice had torn up some things, and this was going to be replaced. I asked for them to totally fumigate and thoroughly clean the car, which I had to pay extra for, (insurance won’t pay for cleaning)so off went my car with the promise it would all be taken care of. Got the car back 2 weeks ago, it baked in the sun on the 3rd day I had it back, and smelled of urine… mouse urine(a smell which I had in the car prior to turning it in to be “CLEANED”).Made me wonder how well was this actually cleaned… Then I got busy and friends were coming in from out of town etc etc. Friday, a week after I got it back, I went to put my third row seat up for my kids to sit in, with my friends in the middle. To my horror, there was mouse crap all over the seats…. grey, hard OLD mouse crap. So, I called the dealership, spoke with asst. manager and told him my issue, and said basically your cleaning department “sucks” .(first word that came to mind) He was very apologetic and I made an appt. for yesterday, Monday 7.20.09 to be re-cleaned. After getting off the phone with him, I thought, let’s look at the back cargo part, underneath where there was a mouse hole chewed and mouse crap everywhere. (this is one of the places I stuck a Bounce sheet when I first discovered mice in my car and I did research on how to get rid of them before the insurance claim etc., I stuck Bounce sheets everywhere I could, and it worked to get rid of them) When I lifted up the cargo space behind the 3rd row seat, I was SHOCKED and dismayed to say the least. There was my Bounce sheet still sitting there, mouse crap was everywhere…. thus, no cleaning at least back here!!!! And, a spot of “urine” that was “missed” when they “cleaned” it. I called them back, spoke with the asst. manager again, and again, he was very sorry,   and my appt. was on Monday to get it all straightened out.

Yesterday, I went to dealership, turned in my car, and asked asst. manager to look at my problem, and what they didn’t fix with my insurance money, and I showed him the cargo space, (he was appalled to say the least) then I said “there’s still a hole where they chewed that the insurance company paid you to replace” and he said, “No, this (and he pulled off the corner panel)is what we were paid to replace, and showed it to me, and there it was, clawed.. chewed panel on the inside, what was “supposed” to be replaced, paid for by insurance company. He went white. He assured me it would be taken care of, and I told him don’t do anything until my husband talks to either the Gen. manager, or President of company. He agreed. We got a call from Gen. manager, and well, let me say, customer service is not one of his strong points. My husband is a Sales director, and deals with major problems from his prestigious clients such as Univ. of Penn, Children’s Hosp., Drexel Univ., Urban Outfitters, Fox Chase Cancer Ctr., just to name a few, and solves problems on a daily basis, even if the blame falls on the client, he corrects the problem as if he was wrong, and they were right all along. He knows what it takes to give excellent customer service to his clients…. so, you can see why he can’t believe how this situation is being handled in such an unprofessional manner.

The Gen. manager stuck by the side of his service dept. and basically said the his wife (me) must have just put the Bounce sheets there before she brought it in, because, this car was thoroughly cleaned. Then proceeded to say that the mouse crap and hole (that still had my Bounce sheet stuck in it) that was in there was “new” mouse crap and a new hole… the grey, hard stuff…. “new”… yeah, ok…. Well, we have mouse traps, and a special mouse deterrent in our garage right now, and haven’t caught or seen one mouse or mouse feces since we turned in the car to be fixed. We have 2 other cars, and haven’t had a mouse in either car. So, use your own head and if you want your car to be fixed correctly, and want to trust it was done, don’t go to Stillman. What ever happened to the customer is always right??? (Especially when they are!!!)




Mice have been getting into our Volvo XC90 for several months now. They get in at roughly the same time every evening (the car alarm is triggered) and seem to be gone again in the morning. I have caught 3 of these field mice in ‘live traps’ but am beginning to lose patience and require more effective measures. The car has been investigated by the Volvo garage but they say they have no idea how they are getting in. I have tried moth balls and sealing up the air vents on the inside of the car but nothing seems to deter them! I have to clean mouse droppings off my 3 year old’s car seat every morning and they are chewing through the seat belt clasps etc. So far the engine seems to be untouched! I would love to know if anybody else has ever heard of this problem and if anyone has any idea how they are getting into the car.

33 thoughts on “Report: Volvo XC90 Unsafe – Mice Enter At Will

  1. The few Volvos I’ve seen with rodent problem are because of the food left in the car. I’ve been working with XC90 since they came out in 2003. Beleive me, these “rodent infested” vehicles should visit a detailer a little more often. Everything fron candy canes to bagels and cheddar goldfish are pulled out from under the carpets. I’ve seen my fare share of clean XC90s and not found a single trace of a mouse.

  2. Mice seem to come in around the cowl. Plenum gaps can be covered with nylon door screen material or “hardware cloth” [a course galvanized metal screen]
    and a few short sheet metal screws, total blockage of gaps is not recommended as water must remain able to drain from these areas.

    Another point of entry is around the inner fender liners [this is where any water entering the cowl area is drained. once they get into the cowl they gain access through the fresh air vent and then chew through the cabin air filter [leaving the h.v.a.c. system in the recirculate mode when turning car off may help.
    david s’s. solution of getting a cat will be the least expensive, and most reliable method. cats are pretty cool to have around anyway [yes i have allergies but our cat is still worth it]

    Good luck

    note ferel male kittens after being nuetered seem to make the best hunters. the hunting instinct remains strong, [even if you tend to over feed. ]

  3. I have a 2004 XC90 and mice are entering the cabin. Two other vehicles parked with the Volvo and never any issues with mice in the cabin area. The mice are ruining this vehicle. I’ve put rat poison in the vehicle and had the whole bag eaten. It amazes me how many mice it would take to eat a whole bag of rat poison. Finding droppins and urine consently. Mightly expensive vehicle to be having these issues. Has anyone found a solution?

  4. I have a 2004 XC90 and mice are entering the cabin. A word to the wise for those of you that don’t like snakes. If mice can get in in in huge numbers, so can a snake. Volvo where are you on a solution? Volvo all about safety? Where is the safety in this?

  5. We have a 2006 XC90 that has always been very well cared for. Its clean and serviced by the dealer often… About 6-months ago we started seeing the tell tale signs of mice (dropping, stains, smell) and did as the other in this forum suggested. Metal screened the cowl vents, added metal screen to the fresh-air filter( the OEM filter does NOT have a metal screen) and added screen to the two rear pressure vents. (You have to remove the rear bumper case to expose the vents. Any body shop will do this for you for about $50.)
    We trapped ****14*** mice in the car!!! Mostly glue traps placed in the rear wheel well, near the battery, or the two side wells. There were also mice\nest found in both the drivers and passengers seats. We had the car cleaned and repaired.

    After these were trapped, we were mouse free for 4 months, then they returned.

    If anyone has found another area other than the front cowl or rear pressure vents to screen or seal, please post.

    I have three other cars in the same garage as the XC90 and NONE of them have ever had this problem.

  6. 2007 XC 70 mice love the non-woven recycled fibres in the soundproofing in cargo area. use for nesting material, Mrs. has no food in car, but the mice also like tissues, cannot even keep them in car. Tasca Volvo no help. Volvo USA no help. “make a claim with your insurance company “. moth balls do NOT repel mice; now it smells like mouse pee and mothballs, delightful !

    there will not be another Volvo in our family. btw, I keep cookies and chocolates in my Toyota pick-up,,,,,,,,,,,,,no mice

  7. I am ready to start a class-action law suit against Volvo. They do not want to help, they feel it is not their fault and that we are on our own with exterminators and insurance companies to try and deal with their manufacturing mistake!

    If you want in please contact me at ylowmaster@yahoo.com

  8. Two other places mice love to nest…hood liner and ceiling liner (this cost us just over $1000 to replace, as they also chewed through the wires…both Volvo (extended warantee) and our car insurance company called it an “act of god” so therefore not covered).

  9. My 2005 XC70 had a mouse issue a year after I bought it new: mice in the headliner, which resulted in over $1,000 worth of damage to the electrical system (wires chewed). The dealer said not on warranty, it’s an “act of God”. Just had another round of mousing this week…took over the inside of the car, eating the foam in the spare tire wheelwell, poop all over the place. My husband caught the little bugger with a trap—>setting another tonight. Where there’s one, there’s GOTTA be more!! I drove to work with my pants tucked into my socks this morning, should a little dickens be crawling around up my leg (I’d scream like a girl and crash!)
    My husband’s Honda has never been touched. Next car? I’m going Honda. UUUUCCCKKKKKKKK

  10. I have a 2011 Volvo XC90 (purchased less than a year ago) and I just noticed mice dropping for the first time a few days ago. Of course the first thing I thought of was either me or my kids left a door open. I cleaned out the entire car and caught 2 mice that night. The second night, I caught another mouse. So far there has been no damage to the interior, but I am afraid of what could happen if this continues. This is the first Volvo I have owned and it may very well be the last. After reading all these comments I am conviced this is not our error, but in fact, a flaw with the design of the car. I will be calling my Volvo dealership first thing Monday morning and hopefully they will be sympathetic with this issue. Otherwise, I very well may be getting rid of this car!

  11. I have a mouse problem in my 2006 Volvo XC90. I just spoke with Fields Volvo, Waukesha, WI and they indicated that “mice can get in any car” I told him I had read some blog posts that this was an issue with Volvo cars in particular and he claimed he had never heard of any such thing. He recommended I keep my car free of food and anything else the mice might be after. I don’t have children and don’t eat in my car. The fact that the mice are able to get in the cabin area of the car is something that I think Volvo needs to address as a company, I drove a Chevrolet Malibu for years and never had problems with mice. I thought I would drive this Volvo for many years to come but I am having second thoughts. Especially now that I am reading everyone else’s posts.

  12. Holy Cow! This explains EVERYTHING! I live in a suburban area. There are many mice. (Thanks for the evidence, kitty.) The mice find warm places to make nests, which are constructed out of anything nearby that they can rip apart. The nooks at the top of the engine are perfect. The mice scurry when human enter the vehicle, but the nest remains mostly intact, nice and warm when the car comes back from its journey.

  13. I’ve been leasing a Volvo S60 for less than 2 months. The other day the check engine light came on. I had it towed for service. Service manager called to say that mice had been gnawing on the electric system and it needed to be replaced to the tune of $1200. I am in shock. We have a 2009 Mazda parked in the same driveway that has never had a problem. Upon hearing this piece of news my partner did a search on the internet and found this blog.

  14. This is not a new problem! But I’m glad to see we have lots of company. We have a 1999 V70XC wagon, and we’ve gotten mice in the car when on vacations in Michigan, visiting relatives in Iowa, parked at our rural house in Missouri… None of our other cars have ever had rodents except under the hood. Parked next to a Chevy Tahoe, the Volvo gets mice inside and the Tahoe doesn’t. I’ve trapped them successfully, but it’s a very temporary solution.

  15. I am so fed up with this $60K mouse house! Calling Fox news and anyone else in the news media that will listen. If we all get together…Volvo can’t ignore this serious problem.

  16. My wife’s 2007 XC70 has the same problem, despite all my attempts to find the entry point. The Volvo dealers are no help. I installed steel wool (mice hate that) in the entry points near the engine firewall and I thought I fixed the problem, but they are back! Install a metal mesh inside the water drain that would allow entry to the frsh air intake, and they still can get in. Last year we had a mouse die inside the A/C duct and it was impossible to drive the car for two months. This is the last Volvo after a 740, 850, V70, S80. No mas. Finito The problem was existent on the other models, specially the 850 and the V70. Volvo dealer had found the largest mice nest in history inside the A/C blower compartment after it stopped working, and after an expensive repair bill, the mice were happy to be back. Our other cars, in the same garage, BWM and Toyota have never has the problem. Only the Volvos. You be the judge. Send a strong message to your local dealer, on behalf of our community of Volvo owners. Enough is Enough!

  17. Just keep reading – there are more and more coming out with the same problem. I’m totally convinced they know it’s a problem. If the public finds out – it’s over for Volvo – Class Action maybe would get their attention.

  18. I live in the country in the midlands in the UK and I am having a lot of problems with mice in my XC90. I decided to google the problem & the postings have convinced me that I must give up the car ASAP. I love volvos (this is our 4th one) but the mouse problem is serious enough for me to think about giving the brand up altogether.

  19. I had the volvo XC90 since 2004 and never had any problems.
    This year, I started parking it outside the garage, and was not driving it regularly. i was cleaning it recently and saw mouse dropping under the third row seats.
    freaked out, took it for detailing and thought it is due to food left by the kids in the car. less than two months later, i saw dropping again.
    so far no wiring problems, but i do recall the ignition switch failing 6 months ago, and had to spend $800 replacing. not sure related.
    the car is making some weird noises, i will have it checked this week.

  20. The mice have chewed up all of my firewall. I am so vigilant with moth balls, those tea bags of cedar chips $20, and peppermint oil, no food in car, etc. Next I will put mouse traps under the car and start dumping the mice out. Neighbors will see that a Volvo must be made with Swiss Cheese. I too think we should start a class action suit.

  21. MICE PROBLEM SOLVED; I have a 2005 Volvo XC90 that use to have mice problems for over 2 years. Mice cane and went at will. I set traps and caught one or two weekly. There was no left over food inside to attract them; There were no obvious holes; I had gone to the dealer with no relief. After much research, I thought (but was wrong) that the little air vents that allow the cabin pressure to be relieved when doors are shut was letting in the mice. That was not it either but the autobody shop that I employed to get access to those minute air holes found the problem.
    In the very back of the car under the rear floor panels, they found several foam blocks lying around that were suppose to fit into holes to the outside between the rear bumper and the car frame. The mice were coming up the tires, onto the rear bumper and coming in through several open holes under the floor panels(near where the batter goes). The foam blocks were useless to put back in so I bought some windshield window moldable gasket material. It comes in a circular rope that is extremely tacky. No mouse would ever try to eat thru it. After filling all the holes from the inside, I have not had one mouse since.

  22. we’ve had mice in our 2008 Volvo XC90 since we purchased it. We have 3 cars parked next to each other and have never had these problems with the other vehicles despite the fact that we eat in the other 2 and never eat in the Volvo. Anyone find out what causes this? Is there a class action?

  23. I think Todd may be on to something. We have had mice since 2005 when the XC70 was new. The other night I took a trouble light and put it in next to the battery and was shocked to see several holes in the battery tray showing light to the outside. Next day I removed the battery and used a whole tube of silicone caulk to fill in around the outside of the battery tray and in the round holes.

    I am crossing my fingers but already the car is smelling a little better and I don’t see any new droppings a few days later.

    Of course we have all been fooled by “THE answer” so I am cautious not to declare victory just yet.

  24. Ignore my Aug 11 2015 post…the mice are back. Trapped one so far. There is no hope. We have lost the battle.

  25. Not just a problem with the XC90. I have a XC70 and was horrified to see a massive amount of droppings in my floorboard and seats after coming home from a lengthy hospital stay. They have repeatedly gotten in my car while secure in the garage and I do not have a mice problem in my garage. One died in the venting system and rendered the car undrivable for over 6 months. I have been embarrassed repeatedly from visiting friends finding droppings in my car. It is inexcusable and repulsive. Now, they finally chewed the wiring a second time causing expensive damage more than the car is worth. I will NEVER own or buy or even accept a new free Volvo from the dealer. The mechanical problems alone is reason enough but now this. Disgusting.

  26. So depressed reading these blogs…….my XC90 has mice…..don’t know what to do.

  27. Started having mice eat my firewall a year after I bought the V70. They ignored me when I mentioned it. One dealership, Sandberg service mgr laughed at me. It’s been pretty miserable. Presently I am trying to get the diagram for the firewall as I plan to cover it with some aluminium insulation. Why don’t I just sell it? Doesn’t look very nice with a chewed up firewall. Can’t get much for it now. I have photos and wish I could submit here.

  28. Just found a ton of droppings in my car all over the front console and middle seat. Haven’t checked the backseat yet. Will be selling this car if dealer doesn’t solve the problem. Unacceptable! Never happened to any other car.

  29. I have had a 2007 Volvo Xc90 and love it but it has shown signs of mouse since we bought it used two years ago. I thought it was just them moving in over winter but we have continued to trap mice and find evidence. Finally one day it smelled so bad like a dead mouse I took it to the auto detailer who worked extensively to find the source throughout the engine and other places. Couldnt find any bodies just poop. Now it just smells like dead mouse masked by car cleaning chemicals. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem but I have no idea what to do now. I cant afford to buy another car. I assume something died deep in the ductwork.

  30. Dear all

    A bit of an old thread but just for others that still suffer from this issue, I would like to share how I seem to have solved the problem.
    As many have described, mice indeed easily can find their way into the passenger compartment which happened to me ow that winter is coming. I have searched on fora and YouTube and below my journey to get the volvo xc90 mouse free.

    1) First solution that is described is the vents in the back where the battery is located. There is a mesh in front of it however more likely to stop rats than mice and rats is not the problem. I have added wire mesh 1cmx1cm in front of it.
    On the right side of the car you can do that from the inside. Note that when removing the plastic cover, the pins are likely to break but some duck tape will do nicely.
    On the left side there is a lot of electronic so you can not get to it. I solved this by removing the piece of plastic in front of the bumper and removing 3 screws behind it. Just look on YouTube for the process of removing the bumper and just do the first part of it. When those 3 screws are removed, you can put in the mesh and fix it by putting the 3 screws back into place. Make sure that you have bent the mesh into the shape of the inlet however you can also shy shape it by crawling under the car and reach for it behind the the bumper.

    Having thought I solved the problem with this solution, I parked the car and…… still mice.

    2) so went for step 2, there is a YouTube video that shows how someone closes the outlet ports for the cowling. These are 90 degree rubber bands you can see when lying under the engine. I put in some mesh in those ports, job done.
    I was not to keen on this solution since it can lead to clogged pipes which means water enters into the car, desperate measures….

    Having thought I solved the problem with this solution, I parked the car and…… still mice.

    Later I replaced it by putting mesh on the air intake to avoid clogging issues. In hindsight this should not be a surprise that this does not solve the problem since the intake fan blocks the path for mice.

    3) this basically meant that no other documented solution was out there and I needed to find it out myself. I decided to shine a torch in the battery compartment area at night and look for light “leaking” to the outside. This showed that there indeed are more openings, in fact there are 9. You can see them when you look from the battery compartment to the bumper and you will find several round holes. Some are behind some hard foam (behind battery) so those typically are fine. The other ones however are an easy entry point into the car. Make sure not to miss the biggest hole on the left in the corner of the car (behind the corner panel) where the parking sensor enters the bumper.
    I took the hot glue and put fine mesh in front of all the holes.

    Having thought I solved the problem with this solution, I parked the car and…… no mice. It’s now more that 1,5 weeks where the peanutbutter cheese mousetrap is untouched so I am hopeful that this is a structural solution for this problem.

    I think this is poor design from volvo and dealerships should be ashamed not doing further digging that I had to do.

    Anyway, I hope others will benefit from this.

  31. I have a 2008 xc90. – when it was 18months old the central locking system played up – turned out a rat had eaten most of the loom in the rear wing aperture, we then found a rats nest next to the tool storage in the boot.
    forward 10 years and they’re back. – eaten the loom on the front airbags – gnawed the leather seats –
    eaten all the insulation under the 3rd row seats.
    Spoke to Volvo who just laughed…… annoying as I’ve just bought a brand new v40…

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