The New Jersey Historic Trust Grant Program over the past 18 years

nyht_logoThe New Jersey Historic Trust is responsible for advancing historic preservation in New Jersey and establish stable sources of funding to support activities that contribute directly to the preservation and use of New Jersey’s heritage resources. We thought it’d be interesting to follow up on the discussion regarding the New Jersey Historic Trust and their distributions over the last decade.

The analysis was done just to observe the data and see if there are any interesting trends. The data was sent to us from Dorthy Guzzo, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Historic Trust in Trenton, New Jersey and we thank her for her efforts.

Grant Analysis for the period 1990-2008

There were 596 projects funded for a total outlay of $122,522,220 between 1990-2008. Below are a number of graphs and tables that were extracted from raw data that was provided by the New Jersey Historic Trust. Colors represent the year that the grant was issued.


The New Jersey Historic Trust was created by law in 1967 to preserve New Jersey’s historic resources across the state. The Mission of the Trust is to advance historic preservation in New Jersey for the benefit of future generations through education, stewardship and financial investment programs that save New Jersey’s  heritage and strengthen their communities.

Looking at the Numbers

Based on the numbers, it looks like Mercer County has the largest distribution of the 21 counties over the last 18 years. Somerset County, home to T3 Consortium,  ranked 11th with $4.9 million over the last 10 years.


Project Grants by County

Listed are the quantity of applications that were accepted over the last 18 years.


There were 596 projects funded for a total outlay of $122,522,220. Based on the actual distributions against the number of submissions, the average received per project was 205,574. While Somerset County had 4% of the 596 grants, Somerset County also took in 4% of the grant dollar allocations over the past 18 years as well.


Above is a breakout of the New Jersey Historic Trust grants for Somerset County townships for the period 1990-2008. Somerset County ranked 11th out of 21 New Jersey counties with trust grants from this program totaling approximately $4.9 million.

North vs. South


If the counties are broken down between the Northern Section of New Jersey and the Southern Section of New Jersey, here’s the distribution of grants over the last 18 years. (The breakout basically splits the state at its narrowest width – From Trenton and Mercer County across Monmouth County).

From a financial perspective, the Northern Counties of New Jersey received over $92 million of the $122 million that was distributed (75%). The Southern Counties received $30.5 million or 25% of the distribution. njht_grants_10y_north_south_pie If you break down the counties further, then you get the following:


The Data

Click On the Table to Enlarge

We’ve also tried to shrink down the actual data so you can see by year the funding that was presented by county over the last 10 years. You can click the image to enlarge the data table. Thanks again to the New Jersey Historic Trust for supporting the efforts of historic preservation and New Jersey. It’s a fantastic program and we look forward to having the program continue even in these difficult economic times.

If you like what the NJHT is doing, make sure you let your local government representatives know. We at T3 Consortium, while not in the business of historic preservation, do enjoy anaylzing data and looking at the business of historic preservation (call it a fun hobby).

For additional information on the New Jersey Historic Trust, please visit

New Jersey Historic Trust Department of Community Affairs PO Box 457 Trenton, NJ 08625-0212 (609) 984-0473

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