Trash Talk and Idle Threats Grow as Championship Nears

Basking Ridge, New Jersey-The stakes are high and the bragging rights are even higher as teams prepare for the 2012 New Jersey “Pull This” Sporting Clay Braga Dosha Team Challenge Cup to be held at the prestigious Lehigh Valley Sporting Clay and Trap Club on Saturday, November 24, 2012. While the event has normally been held the day after Thanksgiving, this years event will take place on a Saturday.

Brooks Betz, Chair of the 2012 “Pull This Challenge” noted at the press conference that the challenge is going to hold some new suprises and we’re looking forward to working with all the participants. This year, in recogintion of Hurricain Sandy, a portion of all of the proceeds will be donated to local charities to support the impacted communities in New Jersey.

At the conclusion of the Pull This Challenge Teams will be attending a  barbecue lunch at the legendary Grumpy’s Roadhouse BBQ and Tavern in nearby Mechanicsville, PA (

Teams from Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York have signed letters of intent to attend this years event.

For registration forms, just make a call to theT3  Pull This offices.

Cup Beginnings –
Put up or Shut Up

The New Jersey “Pull This” Sporting Clay Braga Dosha Team Challenge Cup was the idea of Brooks Betz and Scott Pelkola back in 2010, both from Basking Ridge, New Jersey who decided it was time to remove any doubts about which shooting family from the area was the best at sporting clays in New Jersey. “I was honestly tired of hearing Scott telling me how good these Wisconsin born shooters were”, said Betz. “It’s about time that someone show those mid-westerners where they can take their shooting expertise.” Pelkola was born and raised in Wisconsin.

The inaugural event was held at the prestigious Lehigh Valley Sporting Clay Club, just north of Allentown in Coplay, Pennsylvania. Organizer Brooks Betz mentioned “It’s really sad when you have to go to Pennsylvania to hold a New Jersey shootout!” Betz is referring to the increasing efforts being made to shut down sporting clay venues in New Jersey occurring over the last 20 years due to environmentalist bad behavior. There are very few trap,skeet, and sporting clay venues left in New Jersey. “But gosh darnit, we’re gonna keep this challenge going,” stated Betz, who, while passionate, rarely swears when making a point.

Additional Inspiration

With the 2012 election results in and the public suffering experienced from Hurricane Sandy there’s even more motivation for shooters to attend the 2012 Cup. Do we really need to say anymore? With all the hope and change coming at us, the Challenge is a great way to hone skills and prepare for armageddon. Many of the stations at the challenge highlight aiming skills such as  the “Protect My Generator box”, the “Don’t try to cut in the Gas Can Line” stance, and the ever popular “I’m protecting my right to vote station!” With the area coming off one of it’s hardest weather hits with Hurricane Sandy, Betz expects many newcomers to shooting to attend. “Gotta get that practice in somewhere!”

Game On

The “Pull This” Committee has invested a substantial amount of the family fortune sponsoring the New Jersey Pull This Sporting Clay Challenge Cup who also commissioned  the prestigious Tiffany inspired trophy. “It was just something that had to be done”, stated Pelkola. “You know, these Jersey guys need to put their money where their mouth is and put up or shut up.”

Self designated Team Leader of Team Clampett, Heidi Annie Oakley” McShea shows she’s got what it takes to win.

Pelkola was referring to Team Clampett, a rough and tumble mixed gender team born in Newark, NJ and raised in Virginia, comprising of a Navy Seal, Motorola CEO, a semi-pro lacrosse player (a.k.a. laxbro), and a college student from Colorado majoring in snowboarding. Rounding out the team, Team Clampett was anchored by Heidi McShea, also known on the sporting clay circuit as “Annie Oakley”. Ms. Oakley certainly “got her gun” as McShea proved to be a deciding factor in the team championship.


Tense Moments in 2010

While the competition was fierce all afternoon, there were a few tension filled moments when Team McCoy member Jill Betz accused the men of a conspiracy that she felt took Team McCoy out of the contention for the cup. “Whoever the hell said that this 20 guage doesn’t kick as much as the 12 gauge needs to have their head examined!” Betz felt that while the 20 gauge gun was supposed to provide less recoil then the traditional 12 gauge over/under, the 20 gauge proved a formidable foe to Betz’s score (4/60 – 7%). “You’re all a bunch of liars,” quoted Betz. While Betz tried her best to stay in the hunt, a tender shoulder, alongside a general fatigue, forced her to retire from the competition at the 14th shooting station. “Fagettaboutit,” said Betz, in a typical New Jersey fashion.”I’m going back to the clubhouse and get some hot chocolate.” She did stay to the conclusion and take the shooting clay cart back to the clubhouse with the rest of her teammates. Overall, Betz had a great first outing and promises to return with some of her friends (watch out)!


2011 Banquet BBQ Highlights

At the conclusion of the event, the teams were hosted to an outstanding barbecue dinner at the legendary Grumpy’s Roadhouse BBQ and Tavern in nearby Mechanicsville, PA (

Upon presentation of the cup, Team Betz representative Hunter Betz accepted the trophy on behalf of the event organizers. “I’m really glad I only got a little rib juice on that classic trophy, noted Betz. I think my dogs are gonna lick it clean when I get home.”

The teams from New Jersey, Virginia all stated they had a blast and plan to attend next years challenge.

Past Highlights

For 2011 Hightlights – Click Here

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Updates 11/21:

  • Caravan leaves 32 Fawn Lane at 8:30am sharp. (you can meet there if you like).
  • GPS address: 2750 Limestone St. Coplay PA  18037    (5 miles north of Allentown)
  • No advanced reservations (except golf carts) – I will group reserve Friday.
  • Trip is approximately 1 hour 10 mins
  • Teams are groups of 4 (5 if you have to)
  • One on team should know how to handle a shotgun
  • Bring your own shotgone or ammo
  • Rental 12 and 20 guage over unders available for rent (1 per team of 4 – you share)
  • Location is Leheigh Valley Sporting Clays , Coplay, PA – Click Here
  • First Time Specials – $60.00 Adult / $45.00 Youth (16 and under)  – Includes gun, targets, shells, instruction
  • $38 per Round of 100 shots (4 per station for a total of 20 stations) plus ammo
  • Golf cart extra (seats 4 and needs to be reserved in advance – I’m getting one!) $18 per group.
  • Grumpy’s at the end – Beer and awesome BBQ
  • Round takes about 2 hrs.
  • Home by 6.
  • What else – email me –

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