Looking for a great deal on parking in New York City? You’ve gotta love technology when it really starts to save you some coin.

How about $10 to park before an event at the Garden? Found a place in 30 seconds at NYC Best Parking.com. It’s a really great service.  Doesn’t work too well on the Blackberry, and it’s a bit small on the iPhone screen, but you can get an idea of where the deals are.

NYC discount parking

Each site tells you how many spaces are available at the discount price. Some ask you to make a reservation. Others ask you to print out a discount coupon with a few various restrictions. e.g. SUV’s cost $10 more in some garages.

Take a look for yourself –  www.nyc.bestparking.com. Just enter the cross street near where you want to go and the mashup gives you all the available choices.

Overall, it’s a great mashup that can save you some bucks!

Check it out.

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  1. Something came out this week for finding parking called Rodify. Tweet from the iPhone and find a free street parking spot.

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