With Optimum’s (Cablevision) recent decision to force all TV’s to have a cable box, the new Optimum Laptop app is an option to install to watch your cable TV around your house.

With the Optimum Apps including the Optimum app for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and now the Laptop,

But Optimum rigged the Laptop app so it can’t work on a computer desktop, and it won’t let you hook up an external monitor. C’mon guys. Really? You just jammed every subscriber and pulled the plug, forcing every TV to have a digital cable box. For the $150-$250 per month subscribers have to pay, why do you have to take technology and limit the subscribers? (We all know the reason……)

Here are two key options that Cablevision needs to do:

First option – let the apps work and let the device be connected to an external monitor.

Second option- let subscribers watch their TV on their phone or device when away from their home wifi network. Currently you can only watch on one of these devices when you are on your own network…meaning, you can’t roam to the neighbors house and watch the game on your Optimum iPhone app…..but there are options that do.

Devices to Stream your TV globally – Wifi – 3G and 4G

Now let’s face facts. The technology is there. Devices like the @TV by Belkin, the Slingbox, and Monsoon all have solutions today ranging from $100-$250 with all kinds of bells and whistles.


2 thoughts on “Optimum Laptop App Won’t Work on Computer Desktop

  1. Sadly, Cablevision isn’t the only company to require that you stay on your home network in order to stream live TV. I do find it surprising that they allow laptops and mobile devices but won’t allow desktops. After doing a little research I found only one provider that allows streaming of live TV outside the home and that provider is DISH. They offer something akin to the Sling Box called a Sling Adapter. It streams to phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. I have one connected to my Hopper DVR. I got it so I could watch the Rockies play live when I go fishing in the afternoons after my shift at DISH. I never understood the point of a mobile app that restricted you to your home. What good is a mobile phone if you have to stay inside?

  2. Watching outside the home is a function of the contracts the providers (Cablevision in this case) have with the content providers.

    However, not sure of the logic in prohibiting desktop computers from using the apps. What am I going to do, run a 100′ cable to my neighbor’s house so he gets free TV?

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