Religious Politics in America

The think tank got together to try do determine how and why political parties have morphed from their original base. We’ve felt all along that political swings have become so violent over the last 30 years that there are now really 2 factions in each of the 2 parties. Political parties are starting to look like religions, willing to sacrifice for their cause. Religions have been doing this for centuries, but political organizations and factions of their organizations are now rethinking how they want to “fight for a cause.”

So what are the key political causes for the American political system today. Let’s first summarize the foundations of each of the parties and their affiliated factions:

Parties and their factions are acting more and more like religions willing to fight for a cause.

The Gaslighting

So the Left thinks the Right waged an insurrection. It was a protest. The Right says the summer protests were riots. They were very dangerous and sometimes destructive protests. We think most people can agree that there were cells from within these events that ultimately changed the purpose of those events. If the case, those individuals should be held accountable.

The Right thinks the Left is UN-American as does the Left. The country waged a war over it’s future with the Civil War, so it’s not out of the realm of consideration that physical damage and personal harm may happen again.

Overall, about seven-in-ten Republicans (71%) and Democrats (70%) say they generally agree with their party’s positions almost always or more than half the time.

Even larger majorities – 84% of Republicans and 82% of Democrats – disagree with the other party’s positions at least most of the time.

Source: Pew Research Center

What’s Next

We’re posting this to share what we believe are the key causes and values for each affiliation today. It’s not to dispute which one is right, that’s something that gets settled at the ballot box. A general observation is the MAGA wing shows more causes and hence more focus. But what we see also is the mainstream Democrat Party has closely aligned to what the Progressive wing of the party stands for. The results are showing up with a mainstream party with increased radicalization knowing that if you don’t counter balance with your wing’s point of view, the power may shift.

It’s a battle for the future of the the country. The problem is, if each party is equally divided it’s going to take a number of agreements to align American values with what Americans want.

America is definitely divided. The question is, what do American’s want? You can see that the fight has centered on the voter and the legitimacy of their vote. The Progressive wants as little as possible so almost anyone can vote at any time via any method. Conservatives also want everyone to vote, but they want limits and verification. The strange part is when progressive’s blame verification and limits as racist, which is merely a tactic and not a reality.


Does God have a role in this discussion? You’ve heard about god given rights haven’t you. Scholars have been very clear that the founding principles of America IS founded on these principles. Do you think this is a reason why some groups want to tear down the history and re-write it? Absolutely. Make no mistake, there are religious ties to this country that are unavoidable. And many feel these principles keep people on the true path of truth and fairness to their fellow man (we mean everyone). Our founders have been very clear that freedom should be a god given right, and they were here to make that case in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. While you might find these documents written elsewhere around the world, no other country in the world defends these words like the United States of America.

Americans want to be free. Americans want to be respected. Most Americans want to be proud. But some are ashamed, embarrassed and don’t feel free. Without compromise from both sides, escalations will continue and you will see political factions and increasingly dangerous situations.

The Right:

  • Key Republican Party Values:
    • Large support of the private sector.
    • Less Federal Taxation
    • Supports NATO
    • Counter all Democratic initiatives in Congress
    • De-fund Obamacare
    • Perceived Leader(s): Mitch McConnell
  • Key MAGA Values:
    • Border Security
    • Southern Border Wall
    • Illegal Immigrant Management/Deportation
    • Preserve Vote Integrity/ Voter Verification
    • Less Federal Government Intervention
    • Individual Rights
    • Lower Corporate Tax •Strong Police Support
    • NATO pay your share
    • De-fund Obamacare
    • COVID shot is a personal decision
    • Love America
    • Perceived Leader: Donald Trump

The Left

  • Key Democrat Party Values:
    • Open Immigration
    • Immigrant rights
    • Voter Rights Expansion
    • Address Climate Change
    • Strong BLM Support
    • De-fund the Police
    • Fund Obamacare
    • Supports NATO
    • Government Intervention/Rights
    • Systematic Racism
    • Wealth Inequality
    • Higher Corporate Tax
    • All citizens should have a COVID shot
    • Perceived Leader: Joe Biden
  • Key Progressive Values:
    • Open Immigration
    • Immigrant rights
    • Aggressive Voter Rights Expansion
    • Green New Deal
    • Strong BLM Support
    • De-fund the Police
    • Systematic Racism
    • Single Payer Insurance
    • Woke Culture
    • Wealth Inequality
    • Higher Corporate Tax
    • Free Post High School Education
    • All citizens should have a COVID shot
    • Want to Change America
    • Perceived Leader(s): AOC, Bernie Sanders

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