As the liberal world continues with their George W. Bush withdrawals, a San Francisco artist comes to the rescue and stirs the pot again.

No one hopes that this guy gets business from this more than me, but it just goes to show that for every friend there’s a foe, and for every idea there’s someone looking to make a buck.
Given the capitalist spirit, guess the artist will make some cash. But given the fact that he’s so disrespectful to a former President and disgraces the presidency, there’s no reason to give this guy a second more of time.
The story was aired on CBS and MSNBC. I’m sure it fit right in to their normal Bush bashing schedule. Bet that Keith Obermann would love to have one. Actually I’d really laugh if there was a Joe Biden toilet. Then again, there’d probably not be able to be one since it’d be constantly clogged with all that crap flowing from his mouth.

At about $8,000 a pop, I guess guys like George Soros has a huge order in right now to fully decorate his home, office, and Then again, I’m sure they’d be ordered for over at MSNBC, but they probably don’t have the money. Make sure it’s COD.

As Bob Grant coined the phrase….”It’s SICK, and getting SICKER!”

When will it end?

Then again, the Obama Urinal Target certainly is equally disrespectful. At least it’s only $2 bucks.

One comment that actually made me laugh was “They actually tried making an Obama toilet, but who wants a toilet that is already full of sh*t ?

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