It’s called uTest – a new virtual testing phenomenon.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express accepted. On demand scalability. Test your software through direct communication with testers via a uniform platform? Can we call it “testers in the cloud”? It’s called uTest, a virtual based global software testing community.

It was an idea that had to happen sooner or later. Leverage resources from anywhere at a fixed rate cost and bundle up the offer. It reminds me of the original idea of Richard Branson when he took advantage of unused recording time at studios and bundled it together and sold it at a discount rate to recording artists. (Look what happened to Branson and his Virgin idea.)

Don’t believe us? Listen to the CEO of uTest.



Agile is there game – Sprint testing is their game.


Who’s Skytap?


The discussion about virtual testers came out of a direct conversation regarding virtual testing environments, another methodology supported by a company called Skytap –

skytap“Skytap offers cloud-based virtual lab solutions that reduce IT costs, accelerate lab provisioning time and enable global team collaboration via the Web. Skytap’s solutions are ideal for high cost, dynamic environments, such as application development and QA, IT ops testing, training and demo environments, which are typically underutilized and difficult for IT operations to maintain. With Skytap, customers realize an immediate Return On Investment (ROI) by adopting a ‘hybrid’ model of cloud computing to achieve the cost benefits of cloud computing while maintaining existing onsite environments, tools and processes.”

Go over and take a look –

Conceptually it reminds me of “citrix gone wild”. But I have to admit, with the various web and mobile platform emulators and advanced AJAX and SaaS development frameworks reeking havoc amongst themselves, testing all of the various environment configurations (well at least the top 80%) is a nasty job that someones gotta do.

No doubt it’s a trend that needs to be considered.

But what about the “big iron” shops. Those nasty mainframe environments. Sure when you’re used to testing with a Dell server and a SQL database under your desk, it’s not that hard to test. But what about those massive code controlled babies? Cobol heaven or hell?

One hour seminar

Software Times recently held an online seminar with guests from Skytap.
See for yourself what they’re talking about. Click Here

Well test mangers? What’ve you got to say? What do you think?

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