Are you a real estate agent? How’s your business doing? Are you growing your network? Building your brand? Using the latest technology?

As with most business sectors, technology plays a huge part in optimizing an agents work flow. Agents are finding it tougher and tougher to keep up with innovative and productive technologies when they know they should really be out there securing clients and building out their networks. Listen up agents – don’t fall into the technology trap.

That sucking sound is all the time you waste on technology.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is a key enabler that can do wonders for building your brand. You are building your brand right? But here’s the problem, you start looking at new and innovative ways to integrate computers, software, and technology into your workday and you’re going to get sucked into the great time wasting machine!

We at T3 have been thinking and working on this for years. While technology can be a great savior and provide massive operating efficiencies, it can also kill you, wasting time and sending you down a deep dark hole with nothing but frustration and bad memories.

So here are four phases that we thought might help streamline your tech thinking process…

Four phases to becoming a Tech Savy agent:

Phase 1: The Hardware

Start slow…. if you haven’t done so already:

  • Get a laptop
  • Get a smartphone (iphone or blackberry)
  • Start using them whenever you can (play with them- then get frustrated and ask questions)

Phase 2: The Internet (software)

The Internet is like your virtual library. It never closes and has almost everything you could possibly need. Here’s a few tips:

  • Get to know how to “google” anything
  • Find sites online with info that’s updated regularly about real estate (google it)
  • Dedicate 1/2 hr a day building your skill set and work at become a more effective “searcher”.

Phase 3: The Technology (software technology)

Find a competent technologist who can create and manage your technology communication channels. It’s not just picking the right technology, but it’s finding ways to be more effective at creating an overall marketing and communications strategy that leverages technologies that are available today.

  • Blogs are a great agent tools
  • Social Media (Facebook & Twitter types are part of your CRM strategy)
  • A website works
  • Relevant info needs to go to your smartphone
  • You need to get info out to your network (called “push technologies”)
  • Your multiple technology channels need to be integrated (a major challenge).

There’s a wide gambit of costs associated with these technologies ranging from free to $100’s of dollars per month plus setup fees. Know what the capabilities of each technology are will go a long way in determining where to spend your money.

Phase 4: Content (marketing)

  • Focus on what you want to say
  • Know what other sources are available that you can reference
  • Build a good system to manage you network

You’re an entrepreneur working on everything you need to do to be successful.

  • Know technology, but don’t be a technologist
  • Keep up on technology, but don’t manage it.
  • Give ways for your network to decide how they want to be informed
  • Be careful not to “over touch” your network

One final tip: use technology that’s proven itself. There’s nothing worse than a fad piece of technology that goes by the wayside after you’ve invested all kinds of time and money.

Let the technology make you a better agent. But ALWAYS…be an Agent first!

And avoid that giant sucking sound of wasting time!

Hope it helps.

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