Is your phone ringing? It's probably Chris Christie

Technology Gone Bad!

Call it extreme robocalling and Chris Christie is a big fan.

Have you been hearing from Chris Christie lately? How about his wife Mary Pat? Rudy Giuliani?  All of them have been taking part in a massive robocall effort on behalf of Chris Christie, former US Attorney General for New Jersey, who’s running as a Republican candidate for Governor against opponent Steve Lonigan, Mayor of Bogota.

Two, three, and even four times a day, cell phones, yes cell phones, and home phones are getting the robocall workout commenting on everything political about Christie. Even his wife goes into details about the private catholic schools their kids go to and why he’s a pro-lifer and a “real conservative”.

Have you gotten any of these calls?  You know he’s running for Governor of New Jersey and hopes to win the primary so he can go up agains John Corzine, the standing Governor. Maybe he’s nervous about the election and needs the additional coverage. But in reality, he’s really starting to piss many voters off.

Many Different Callers

Is your phone ringing? It's probably Chris Christie
Is your phone ringing? It's probably Chris Christie

Here’s just a few of Chris’s friends and family that you might hear from:
(you can even listen to Rudy at the top of this post)

Chris Christie
Wife, Mary Pat
Bret Schundler (R-Jersey City)
Steve Forbes
Rudi Giuliani
Mitt Romney
Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen (R – NJ)

and I’m sure there’ve been more!

I’m waiting for when Rush Limbaugh is going to give a call?

And not that it’s bad enough, they’re using all kinds of dialing schemes to get you to take the call: local numbers, 866 numbers, Private Numbers, Unknown Numbers, to generate the call. It’s a really bad situation here.

For christ’s sake Chris…and all your friends….lose my number!

How do you get off this list? What list is it?

Make sure you’re on the Do Not Call Registery List – 

Who’s getting abused?

Has anyone else been getting abused like this?

Just because of this garbage method, you’ve lost my vote.

Steve. I’ll vote for you! But DON’T CALL!

If he wins, does this mean that it’ll happen all over again?
Please, if there is a god………

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