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Selling OnlineMany people are looking for ways to make extra money. The internet is a great place to get started. If you have a product, the next place to look to is who has a ready made solution for you to get up and running quickly. The common term for this practice is called eCommerce.

Basically, this piece is about creating an online marketing capability AND the back office that can process the order, send you the name and address, and accept credit cards for you. They just deposit the money into your account. You still are responsible to fulfill the order.

Quick design, add your products, setup shopping cart, track site statistics, fulfill order, process payments.

Here are a few quick options where you could get started almost immediately. These are the 800 pound gorilla’s in the marketplace.

Amazon Marketplace

WebStore by Amazon:  30-Day Free* Trial Registration

You need:

  • A US based credit card and a valid US phone number where you can receive a call will be required.
  • Unless you cancel prior to the end of the 30 day free trial, your registration will automatically continue and we will charge your credit card $59.99/month thereafter.
  • A FREE* trial of selling on Amazon will be offered at the end of the registration.

Yahoo Store

Merchant Starter Plan

  • $39.95/month
  • 1.5% transaction fee
  • $50 setup fee

Click Here for details.

Godaddy Storefront

In just six easy steps, build and publish a stand-alone store or add one to an existing Web site – no matter where it’s hosted. Build it with the easy-to-use Wizard; customize it with your own product photos and images; increase sales by offering coupons and accepting all major credit cards (as well as PayPal™); launch your store in a snap with one-click publishing; even integrate your store with QuickBooks® and MUCH MORE! Unlike the competition, our pricing structure is free from ‘monthly fee + percentage of transaction fee.’ You simply pay the fee listed above… that’s it.

Cost: $28.50 per month.

You still need to process your credit card payments (there’s a fee for this).

eBay Marketplace

Now don’t laugh…eBay is actuall the King of the small business marketplace. Most sellers start with eBay auction-style listings, then add eBay Stores to the mix when they have more merchandise to sell. Opening a Store offers sellers the “ability to have a central, professional-looking web store within eBay,” says Darlene Clementz, senior marketing manager for eBay Stores. “They also sign up to get access to tools that help create a customized and unique shopping experience, and to attract and retain buyers. eBay Store sellers also have the option of listing via the Store Inventory format, which has a longer duration and can be more cost-effective.”

The basic store plan ($15.95 per month), a starter package with the customizable Store platform, offers access to various reports and the chance to start branding a business on eBay. Subscribers also receive free phone support and free access to Selling Manager, eBay’s online sales management tool.

Click Here for the details.

Photographers/Artists –

Photographers, Videographers and artists have a whole host of solutions available as well that will actually host your material, watermark or protect it, manage the products, and fulfill, print, publish, and ship and process payments. It has become a photographers dream.

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