T3C_Top10Ah it’s social media. You hear it’s all the rage. All the kids are doing it, so why not you.

You get free stuff. Free YouTube posts, free Facebook pages, Free Twitter.. How hard could it be?

Get ready for the rollercoaster ride. It’s not as easy as it looks. And your audience is way more sophisticated and mature then you thought.

It’s not a bunch of zit faced geek kids. 300 million Facebookers and counting. If you don’t have a strategy, you better get one. Otherwise, the social network might create one for you. Here’s how the demographic breaks down by a Neilson Company recent analysis:


BNET just published 8 mistakes you can make with social media. (We added two more)

Think about these….

  • Mistake 1: Pretend you can do without it.
  • Mistake 2: Play down the costs.
  • Mistake 3: Act like you own the conversation
  • Mistake 4: Fear empowering your employees
  • Mistake 5: Assume you have little to learn
  • Mistake 6: Take negative feedback personally
  • Mistake 7: Fret about return on investment
  • Mistake 8: Underestimate the power of seemingly small efforts
  • Mistake 9 – Doing nothing
  • Mistake 10 – Not watching when doing something!

Read the entire story at:


All great tips…any others?

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