One of the greatest challenges to non-profits and historical societies is the ability to change their business models and become self sufficient. Funding is a great challenge and communicating to various groups, agencies, government officials is critical to their survival. Social media is a relatively new tool that non-profits need to leverage if they’re going to get their word out to the masses.

The New Jersey Cultural and Heritage Commission recently held three statewide social media workshops. This workshop was created to introduce and share techniques that work to promote what’s referred to as “Digital Communication”. Online social media is just that – a low cost digital communication tool.

With the help of a few people, The NJCHC put together an event to focus on the topic.


While you’re not going to enjoy a interactive live presentation with a nice lunch break, you can quickly get the sense of the topic and put some of the methods to work for you. All non-profits need to pay particular attention to this new trend since the Millennials and Gen X’ers get their information this way and you need to know how to do it EFFECTIVELY. And that doesn’t mean just posting everything and anything.


Image: Interesting Facts about Facebook –
one of the oldest and most successful social media platforms


If you’re not using social media online, you’re missing out. Work with your organization to create a strategy, then a plan. Then you execute. Then you track. Then you revise the strategy and plan to what’s working. It’s that simple. Good Luck and hope to see you online!

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Here’s the presentation – please share as much as possible.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD – 2016_Best_Practices_Digital_Media_Handout


Give special thanks to Rachel Dukeman of R&R Creative for preparing an overview that the audience could understand and leverage examples and exercises that allowed them to prepare better for taking these concepts back to their organizations.