KEEP YOUR PANTS ON: Sen. Eric Adams points to a proposed billboard that will encourage kids to not let their pants sag at a press conference at City Hall on Sunday. (Aloysio Santos/The Epoch Times)

Brooklyn politician raises awareness on the epidemic issue of our time – teen droopy drawers.

Once referred to the refrigerator repairman ailment or plumbers crack have given way to the teen muffin top for boys and young men. The campaign commenced Monday, March 29, 2010 placing six billboards throughout Brooklyn, New York.

stop the sagEric Adams is launching a crusade against … sagging pants, spending $20,000 in campaign funds to put up six giant billboards plastered with the campaign’s slogan: “Stop the sag!” Adams, as part of this viral campaign announced today, also made this YouTube video, in which he calls sagging an “insidious spectacle” that originates from a “prison culture” and perpetuates a “long tradition of negative stereotyping.” He concludes: “You can raise your level of respect if you raise your pants.” But the Daily News reported that Adams spent $2,000 in campaign funds for the billboards, which show male models whose pants are sagging below their underwear. We’ll have to dig into this and find out exactly how much is being spent on this plight of the community.

Teens are commonly referring to the act as a mere accident, or some kind of cool ritual that excites the opposite sex. As one middle school teacher referenced the practice,” I told ’em I’d take em down to Rahway State Prison cause I know the inmates would love to get into the problem of droopy pants!” Her reference refers to the common inmate problem whereby inmates are forcing themselves on other inmates for whatever reason. No need to go into that here.

If you’re a victim of sagging pants and your son refuses to wear a belt or pull up his pants claiming “my pants are too big”, or “I’m losing weight”, look to our government officials to once again legislate morality and decency in our neighborhoods. Parents have talked themselves until they’re blue in the face to no avail. One grandparent state “Something has to be done. This is totally outrageous.”

Eric Adams is the former NYPD captain and co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care said he will send a letter to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein recommending a citywide dress code to prevent sagging in public schools. Eric joined Louisiana senators who tried to outlaw sagging pants and stop guys “swag” a few years ago. “It’s really quite the epidemic and it needs to stop.”

This is a real serious issue that needs to be addressed. Parents have had enough. Even American Idol weighed in on the issue this Spring when they aired “Pants on the Ground” by General Larry Platt who told the youth of America to pick up their pants and get a belt or a piece of rope!

What’s the fine Congressman? From what I’ve learned in the past, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the crime!”

Senator Adams Unveils Billboard and Viral Campaign to Tell Youth: End the Sagging Pants Culture!

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