How about streaming some Sirius Radio to your Blackberry Storm.

Here’s what I’ve found on how to do this. It also is posted on the Crackberry Forum.

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Getting Sirius to play on your Storm……….

This works perfectly on the Storm, and would probably work on other Blackberrys and smartphones.

1.) Download Orb. MyCast your digital media with Orb 2.0 remote pc access software Set up an account.

2.) Download uSirius. uSirius 1.0 Release Candidate 8 | Millard Software

3.) Install uSirius. Plug in your Sirius account info. Hit “Start” if needed.

4.) Select “URLs” on the right of uSirius.

5.) Select your channel that you want to stream from the dropdown list. Leave the Type as “MMS Stream”.

6.) Copy the URL. Go to Orb on your computer. Select the audio tab. Go to Internet Radio on the left list.

7.) Click “Add Custom” on top. Paste the MMS link from uSirius into your favorite streams. Add a name (i.e. – Howard 100, Lithium).

8.) Log your phone on to Go to audio. Select favorite internet radio streams. Listen to Sirius station.

Now here are the requirements.

1.) Sirius account (obviously). You need to have the username and pass for online access.

2.) Windows computer for Orb.

3.) Computer NEEDS TO BE LEFT ON anytime you want to access Sirius or your files.

HOPE THIS HELPS! I am busy so typed it up as fast as I can. Feel free to ask questions or add on to this thread.

I have had VERY good luck so far, excellent quality stream with no buffering.

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