If you’re NOT ready to cut the chord with your cable company, customers have limited choices between fiber optic, cable, and dish networks. In our area, if you’re a current Verizon FiOS or Cablevision Optimum customer, there’s a chance that you’re trying to figure out which service is the best deal.  What benefits are offered by each provider? Our test compares what you lose and what you gain with each provider.

It all began with the end of our Optimum introductory period (one year) the package jumped from what was $135/month to over $240 a month after 1 year. After shopping around, Verizon FiOS was the decision. Simple decision. Optimum refused negotiating a discount for existing customers and FiOS was cheaper for a similar package. But the question remained, what did we really lose or gain by switching to FiOS?

Know What You’re Buying

If you’re going to switch, you first need to know what your getting. Sometimes the fine print is a little misleading or complicated and difficult to compare. Most companies today offer a bundled package, typically called a “triple play” offering TV, Internet, and Home Phone service as a bundled offer. They start with the most basic offerings at a low price, then they a la carte you to death with things like movie channels, sports packages, multi room DVRs, and high bandwidth. Based on our experience, here’s what we selected for the test:

Do You Switch?

While both packages are now similar, there are differences.  We came to the conclusion that while we tried to get Optimum to re-institute the discount, they were unwilling to be competitive with what FiOS was offering. So we switched to FiOS, got the install and tested the results.

The biggest benefit of the switch is price, We’re now saving over $80/month. FiOS has a better and more reliable internet upload and download speed, nicer interface, better channel guides, but the Mobile app lacks all the channels we want. We’ll miss the whole house pause/rewind/DVR capabilities but we’re checking into it. Another difference is that the FiOS remotes have an input button where you can switch between HDMI devices quickly. Optimum remotes don’t have an input button, so you have to keep your original TV remote handy.

One more funny thing. Verizon no longer offers email service. You get the internet, but you have to connect a via a Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook.com email account. No longer is Verizon offering a verizon.net or verizon.com email address with your account.


Final Thoughts

Based on the two service offerings, if you are switching from FiOS to Optimum it’s a good deal and a smart move. But strangely, if you you have Optimum and your discounted service expires, FiOS is the way to go. But it is strange the little things you have to give up between the two services. If we were going to go with either service as a first offering (new customer to both), we’d choose Optimum.

One last thing to consider if you’re switching. Optimum will bill you for an entire month so coordinate your new purchase to install just before the end of your Optimum services to avoid paying for two services. If only Optimum would have listened and been competitive, based on what you lose to go to Verizon,  we might have stayed.

Have a story to share about your experience? Feel free to share.

 FiOS Breakdown:

Below is a recap of the services you’ve selected so far and the estimated monthly charges. This would not be your actual bill.
Products and Promotions Monthly Charges
Verizon Triple Play $84.99
·  Fios Digital Voice US+11 Countries
·  Fios TV Preferred HD
·  Fios Internet 50/50
·  $10 Exclusive Online Order 36 Mo. Discount Included thru Dec 14, 2019
·  $5 Fios TV Preferred HD 36 Mo. Discount Included thru Dec 14, 2019
·  $15 Special 24 Mo. Discount Included thru Dec 14, 2018
·  $5 Special 12 Mo. Discount Included thru Dec 14, 2017
·  $15 Special 36 Mo. Discount Included thru Dec 14, 2019
·  $10 Special 36 Mo. Discount Included thru Dec 14, 2019
DVR Quantum Service (All TV’s record) $20.00
Rent: HD Set-Top Box 4 $48.00
TV Equipment Package Discount -$6.00
Regional Sports Network Fee $5.89
Fios TV Broadcast Fee $2.99
Estimated Monthly Charges $170.87

Quantum Enhanced DVR service vs. Regular DVR service gets you the ability to record up to six shows at one time and also allows you to record, rewind, and pause on each individual TV with up to 100 total hours. Order in the beginning otherwise Verizon charges you $50.  1 (800) 837-4966

Hills Shopping Center
456 Hills Drive
Bedminster, NJ
M-S 9-6pm

One-Time Charges
Fios Setup @ $80 Fee Waived
Subtotal $0.00
Does not reflect any additional taxes, fees or other charges.

Optimum Breakdown:

Value Promotion $155 for 3 year contract.

TV $35.00

  • 4 Cable Box(es) (New Rate $10.00 Effective December 1)$40.00
  • TV Surcharge(s)$8.96
  • Optimum Sports & Entertainment Pak$8.95
  • Additional Outlet Premium Service Fee$1.50
  • Multi-Room DVR Plus Service Promotion for 12 Months Included
  • Free Buffer Included


Optimum Online $34.95

  • Optimum 200 Promotion$10.00
  • Modem(s)$4.95


  • Phone Promotion – $10.00

Monthly package cost

$154.31 *
One-time charges

  • These charges will only appear on your first bill.
  • TV Installation$60.00
  • Additional TV Outlet Installation Fee $25.00
  • Optimum Online Installation Included
  • Modem InstallationIncluded
  • Wireless RouterIncluded
  • High Speed ActivationIncluded
  • Connection to Optimum Voice with Existing Wiring Included