How Tech companies ruin America. Business Week ran a piece that holds great value and interest for those who work in the high tech sector. Look over your shoulder….there might be an illegal working in your midst!

Corporations turn their head, look purely at the numbers, and pay attention to the bottom line. Applaud Business Week for finally bringing the issue to the forefront but it goes right down to the issue of the bottom line vs. core values. Does a corporation have the responsibility to the community and the country or just the shareholders?


Honestly, the debate is a very interesting one. While highly skillled financial services tech workers were laid off in large amounts around New York, the debate intensified. Not only are H1-B Visa holders an issue, but there’s issue with the visa sponsors, the US government, and our corporate leaders. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

And the problem is only going to worsen. Any economic recovery will only happen with the help of the financial services industry investing in the communities where they’re gaining their income in the first place. Jobs are going to continue to shift offshore, and there’s no accountability to the US worker. Not that I’m abdicating for a German-like workers union model….which is actually quite an interesting story in its own right, but if corporations don’t sit down and seriously consider their corporate responsibilities, it’ll be just one more blow to the American middle class.

In the story, Cygate Software & Consulting, in Edison, N.J., after thousands of dollars in up-front fees, when Patel arrived, Cygate had no tech job for him. He ended up working at a gas station, and Cygate nevertheless took a chunk of his wages for years, according to documents in a criminal case against Cygate.

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Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who needs to be deported? Who needs to go to jail?

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