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The ambitious Daytona International Speedway #DaytonaRising project is moving into a new era and there will be some exciting changes at DIS as they prepare for the 58th Daytona 500 on February 21, 2016. The Turn 1 seats have been installed – approximately 40,000 new seats were installed in the Turn 1 side of the frontstretch grandstands. The Turn 4 and frontstretch is well underway. What should visitors expect with the new Daytona International Speedway in 2016? We thought that nothing was changing with the Sprint Tower and we’d be returning to the same checkered flag seating. WRONG: Everything is changing!!!!! While we visited the speedway for the 2015 Speedweeks, we thought we’d prepare some materials to help understand what’s going to happen for next years races.

The Famed Sprint Tower is Changing

The is the premier front stretch section at DIS is the Sprint Tower. This original black and white checker patterned section that was wrapped with the Petty section on the left and the Earnhardt section on the right will be totally reengineered. So what once looked like Daytona Rising was going to add 60,000 seats to the frontstretch, is more like a total makeover.

  • Gone are the letter sections (H,I,J, etc) and they’ll be replaced by numbers (Sections 345 to 356). The premier sections will be 355-346 similar to most stadium seating.
  • The front row will be up to 12 feet higher across the entire grandstand.
  • Space between rows will be widened to provide more leg room and rows will now have 24 or less seats per row.
  • Seats will increase in size to 20″ or 21″ and will offer cup holders. For reference, typical stadium seating is  30″ high; 18″ to 22″ wide. Funny how the shrinking typical airline seat is 31″ wide!
  • Seating rows will now go from Row 1 to Row 22 (they used to go from Row 1 to Row 45)
  • A new “Neighborhood area” is being created behind the Sprint section at the top where 4 Day Ticketholders can go stretch their legs in a open/covered food court and bar area. (see image below)
  • The 4 day ticket holder will get a new free parking pass on the frontstretch – but it won’t be in the Gold Parking area – cause that area will now be developed.
  • There will be for the first time a 2 day and 1 day front stretch ticket in the new upper deck sections.
    • The new upper deck sections go from Row 23-40.
  • There will also be two new suites sections on either side of the old Sprint Tower (See image Below)
  • Free Wi-Fi, food, bard, carts, tables, seating, tv monitors, and merchandise stores will be part of the neighborhood attraction – great for those that need free Wi-Fi for the new NASCAR Mobile App – NO SCANNER REQUIRED! – Read that Story.
The New Daytona Neighborhood
The New Daytona Neighborhood


Ticket Prices

So will the ticket prices be going up? Answer – Yes – but not too much. The main Sprint section will have suites above with a new club lounge. The major sections 355 down to 347 will only have 29 rows (down from 45).

  • $695 for the best 4 Day with Club Package (Yellow and Green Sections) – up from $680 in 2015
    • $125 for the 2016 Sprint Duel
    • $75 for the 2016 Truck Race
    • $125 for the 2016 for Xfinity Race
    • $370 for the 2016 for the Daytona 500
  • $570 for the 4 Day package (without Club) – Only certain sections.
  • $45o for 2 Day package with Club Package – Only certain sections.
  • There will be a new General Admission for all the races except for the Daytona 500
Click to enlarge to see the new section numbering and the pricing legend as well.
Click to enlarge to see the new section numbering and the pricing legend as well.

The New Frontstretch

So what will life be like now that there’s going to be almost 150,000 fans sitting on the frontstretch? Certainly the area around International Speedway Blvd. will be changing.  Those who knew of the “Gold Lot” outside the Smoothie King and Lime’s will soon see the development of a futuristic town encircling the ISC Motorsports glass complex. Look for fountains similar to the Bellagio in Las Vegas showering the front area across from the speedway.

Daytona Rising and the new ISC complex.
Daytona Rising and the new ISC complex.

Look also at some of the renderings of the new ISC downtown.


Additional renderings of the new ISCtown. Complete downtown with movie theater, attractions, and a total shopping experience.
Additional renderings of the new ISCtown. Complete downtown with movie theater, attractions, and a total shopping experience.

The Back Stretch

The rumor has it that the Back stretch, known as the Super stretch will be coming down. Can you imagine? Taking down seats? Then down goes also the Budweiser porch! More to follow but I think the best thing to come to the back stretch would be a new set of condos!

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