The Accent of Money is actually the history of money –  and worth the watch!

PBS put out a documentary a few months ago called the Accent of Money, a documentary hosted by Niall Furgerson. Based in his book about the same topic -it’s worth a watch.

The Accent of Money - An intro and overview of credit, money, and the current economic crisis. Just watch it!

Whenever I refer this type of story, it’s interesting how people reply back about the “slant” of the piece. Over done? Liberal view. Keynesian demand side?  Doesn’t matter what persuasion you are so long as the program makes you think about it (and maybe learn something).

I’m making my kids watch this!

It’s a two hour program, and it’s online for FREE. What a deal!

Click here to watch Accent of Money online now.

“By learning how societies have continually created and survived financial crises, we can find solid solutions to today’s worldwide economic emergency.” As he traverses historic financial hot spots around the world, Ferguson illuminates fundamental economic concepts and speaks with leading experts in the financial world.

Before you Start the Program

Because there is so little humor with the program, it’s sure nice to tie a bit of humor to the piece. So, after you watch the documentary, listen to what the Colbert Report does with Niall from January 9, 2009 –

The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

Now don’t forget to watch the REAL program….but you gotta love the Steve Colbert!

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