iBattz Refuel 5 battery backup case


So you have a iPhone 5. Now how about some cool accessories for that new gadget. Let’s take a look at what’s out there. Let us know if you find a cool gadget and we’ll add it to our list. Goes on sale to the public on Feb 14. Cost $100.

The Case that Keeps on Giving

iBattz Refuel 5 battery backup caseLet’s start with some new cases that offer more then basic protection. The iBattz case is one of the coolest battery backup cases for the iPhone 5 on the market. Due out this week, you have to get in line to get yours.  Sleek yet offers up to 75% extended power to the iPhone 5. LED level light on the back, with a micro USB charge connector (yeah no lightning connector). Click Here for more info. $89.95 is the MSRP.

The Izzi is the Biz-Neez

iphone 5 orbit camera

Next on the list is the iPhone 5 Orbit Camera attachment kit/case. The iZZi Orbit is a state of the art, premium camera accessory for the iPhone 5. The unique duraluminum casing matched with the iDial, which consist of (3) three interchangeable lenses allows you to shoot with a Fish Eye, Wide Angle, and Telephoto options. These finely constructed lenses transform your standard phone photos into wide, up-close, super zoomed and wonderfully warped wonders! $239.95.

The iSoldier – The American Kick-Ass-stand Hero!

Gotta get the iSoldier - suppor the troops while they hold you up!

It’s called the iSoldier – the American hero phone kickstand. Yes it’s been around for a while, but c’mon – this is awesome. You have to agree that it’s a great little kickstand gadget. GI Joe meets technology. You just gotta love this one. Kikkerland US27 iSoldier Phone Stand. Get em online for about 2 fer $5.

Amazon is selling the iSoldier kickstands – Click Here.

The PMX gets the Ears Going

PMX685i sportphones

Check out some awesome new sports behind the ear headphones. The PMX 685i SPORTS by Sennheiser (Black). Great sound, great fit. Neckband-Style / Sweat And Water-Resistant / High Output Drivers / Remote And Mic / Ideal For Use With All MP3, iPad, iPod, And iPhones

The PMX 685i SPORTS neckband Headset is not only lightweight but also sits unobtrusively under your biking half helmet. It also stays exceptionally secure through rugged off-road terrain and bumps that the woodland trail throws at you. High-output Drivers deliver a powerful and natural Stereo Sound while the in-ear design provides great situational awareness so that you are conscious of the traffic noise when you pedal your way through busy roads and paths.  Click Here to shop online now. Price is about $80.

Mophie Charges Ahead – But Late to the Dance

The Mophie Case is one of the most reliable and effective iPhone case/battery backups ever made. Coming soon for the iPhone 5, you’re gonna have to wait if you want the best of the bunch. Follow Mophie on Facebook and sign up for the latest release update (and you’ll get a coupon too!). Estimated price $99.

The Scosche Vault

scosche vaultkaseHere’s a cool one. The Scosche VaultKase. Kickstand and storage all in a great case. Sure it’s $50. But heck you get a whole lot of functioning plastic for your money. Click Here to see if you can grab one for under $40.

The iPhone Earphone Wrapper

the wrap it headphone organzizerSo you want to put away the headphones – then this is for you.  It allows you to wrap your headphones right on the back of the phone. Costs about $7.00. Check out Amazon for more info.

 New from Edge Design

edge_design_metro_blackEdge Design calls it the Metro. High-strength aluminum chassis with an interchangeable polymer color band.  360 degree protection. Made in the USA. $89. Visit Edge Design to see a whole host of cool designs to protect your new toy.


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