Consultants - Insert comment here - whatever it is.

Consultants Still Don’t Do It – The Trend

Nowhere in the corporate America was something as funny as when UPS depicted two consultants pitching a corporate executive with a solution only to follow up after the approval to go ahead with “Do it? We don’t do it!

Take a look back to this “We don’t actually do it…..” and “Can you imagine that guy? was the classic ending to a something that’s become more prevelent across corporate America a decade later.



Released during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, the commercial struck a nerve that resonates even more today given economic challenges and high unemployment. More and more, consulting firms are increasingly pushing their ideas, agendas, and providing paper without delivering the results.

The term “Great – Do It” probably reminds you of the other American Classic, Nike’s “Just Do It”  instructing to inspire individuals and teams to just get it done! But honestly folks, who’s actually doing anything? Who’s running the store? Bet Jamie Dimon over at JP Morgan is wondering the same thing after his firm announced a $2 Billion ($2,000,000,000.00) trading loss. Bet he wished he hired those consultants!

“In thirty seconds, that commercial summed up what many organizations fear about hiring consultants: misunderstandings about what they’re getting, paying for words and not action, and relying on people with a lot of input and no accountability, “noted Philanthropy News Digest.


Consultants - Insert comment here - whatever it is.
Consultants – Insert comment here – whatever it is. Doesn’t matter, they still don’t intend to “Do It’


The corporate greed continues. Even some of the most prestigious capitalists are voicing their thoughts that the system is broken. The bets are getting bigger, the CEO’s are getting richer, and the consultants still aren’t doing it.

I mean really people, what’s this world coming to.

C’mon folks – what do you think?

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