Filming all over the world leads entrepreneur to challenge businesses to leverage internet with video and stakes their claim on the internet.

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Don’t tell Alex Williams that video is out of reach for the business owner looking to increase it’s professional image and communicate directly with their customer base. “Video is the ultimate communication vehicle for whatever you’re trying to promote.” Since competition is more fierce than ever before, everyone needs to look for ways to differentiate themselves and get their points across quickly, but with the highest level of professional capability within their budgets. is a breakout company that’s focusing on creating a very unique value proposition. Founded by Alex Williams in 2009, Alex had previously been working with other boutique video production outfits and felt it was time he branch out and create his own brand. “I’ve got a very good value proposition to offer,” says Williams. “Combine professional grade equipment, low overhead, and state of the art technology, I’ve been able to create high definition grade video with a very competitive and enticing price point.”

In addition, Videotrekker Films currently services a relatively small geographic area, including the New Jersey / New York metropolitan area. But that’s not to say that they don’t have the ability to go global. “Hey, we can get on a plane just like anybody else! In fact we just contracted a shoot for The Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea voyage to Haiti. It’s the world’s largest passenger cruise liner: ” (see more). It’s evident that film creation and production is not quite as stagnant as it used to be, where shoot and production units were very difficult to move around.

T3 Consortium has also recognized the benefits of integrating video with and the web for all kinds of new and exciting situations. “Just look at what you can get today with a two minute online video”, says Raj Pradam, a local professional photographer. “If you can get a video online and embed it into your website, it’s a pure direct connection with your audience.” He’s right. Just like television, video is one of the purest, cleanest way to get your potential customers to hear what you have to say. Go prove it to yourself.Alex Williams, Founder of Videotrekker Films

You know if you go to a website and they have a video, you’re going to click it. It’s that simple.

And there are plenty of statistics out there to prove it. According to Neilson Ratings Service, online video sites like Hulu and YouTube are dominating the internet. Now that cable modems and super fast connections are in place, users can now experience rich context media unlike anytime before. That’s why Videotrekker Films chose T3 Consortium to integrate an internet strategy into their new technology inclusive business plan.

“I may be good at film and film production, but when it comes to the internet, I was in no position to do that myself ” explains Alex Williams, owner of Videotrekker Films . “Just about all of our work is referral based. But in today’s world, people want to do the research first, and that’s where the internet is great,” explained Williams. T3 Consortium agrees. “The internet is one of the most underutilized and feared tools that small businesses and services just can’t seem to get a handle on, noted Brooks Betz, Director of Information Technology Services at T3 Consortium. ” T3 has worked mostly with non-profit organizations and other local businesses around the Somerset Hills area in Somerset County to develop not only a web presence, but an overall internet strategy, custom fitted for the small business owner.

A “hyoer-local” video production from Videotrekker Films.

The Internet

Most small businesses start out on the internet by purchasing what’s known as a hostname or URL. It’s that name that most people are familiar with that gets you started. “Most people think that for $10 you can get a website and be on your way, ” noted Betz. “But in reality, it does cost quite a bit to get started on the web where you can actually use the internet to properly represent your business in a way that’s professional, uncluttered, and increases the potential that a potential customer is going to make the next move and call or write you.” However, the cost is a mere drop in the bucket compared to other forms of marketing that are out there today.

Industry statistics indicate that the price for a rudimentary website can cost roughly $50 per month with an annual contract using a reputable provider. Some larger web host providers bait new customers with $10-$20 per month sites. However, once you start to add features like email, file storage, blogs, and digital content such as images and video, the cost goes up quickly. A typical website for a small business with a decent amount of features will normally run in the $150-$250 per month to launch and support. Remember, a website shouldn’t stay static and it will need to change alongside business needs and customer feedback, so a support contract is essential.

Another point to consider when costing out a web campaign is comparing current Yellow Page advertising costs to the costs associated with being on the internet. While a small business could spend hundreds of dollars per month to get a few local and regional Yellow Page line listings, the internet is a much better cost proposition. The internet offers the capability to promote and interact with clients where a yellow book just cannot compete.

Who Needs Video on the Web?

Professions that show tremendous opportunity for video enhanced websites include:

  • Small Businesses
  • Realtors (Offices/Agents/Properties)
  • Construction (builders/architects)
  • Independent Reps (professionals/products)
  • Students (pre-college introduction)
  • Products (demonstrations)

Whether you need a 15 second introduction video, or a 30 minute infomercial, let T3 Consortium guide you to the ultimate solution for promoting your products, services, and building your unique branding capability.

Full Service Integration –
From Concept thru Distribution

Let T3 Consortium guide you thru the entire process. Particular benefits include:

  • Pre-interview word scripting
  • Video Staging
  • Video recording, production, distribution.
  • Background video creation
  • Soundovers
  • Music supplements
  • Static image/photos insertion
  • Co-branding

The internet IS the place to promote their wares. An artist’s portfolio is their most important display, without all the costs associated with a gallery, “If someone can see my work before we have a conversation, and then I get a call or an email, I know that I have a qualified potential client. I’m thankful that T3 Consortium is looking to support me, as well as other small businesses that need this critical marketing tool.”

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Submitted: January 2010

If your small business is in need of an internet strategy or online presence, take a look at what T3 Consortium has to offer.

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