Mark Simone leaves WABC to WOR

Mark Simone leaves WABC to WORTuning in to WABC on Saturday mornings 7-10 was a treasured ritual. Now that’s gone. The new year turned and effective Jan 3, Mark Simone  left 770 WABC and moved down the dial to 710 WOR. With his wit and classic sarcasm, Mark Simone, the ultimate NY voice on the airwaves, WABC has lost one of his greatest assets.

How upsetting is it when you sign on to WABC out of habit to find out your going to get a nice leftover serving of Imus followed by someone trying to talk sense into me about mutual funds. REALLY? I need this on a Saturday morning like I need another root canal. So what was the deal?

After more than a 12 years at WABC, Mark Simone has left for greener pastures. According to Simone, “I’ve never had an unpleasant moment with the management there, they were wonderful to me from the beginning to the end,” Simone says. “I’ll miss WABC and never thought I’d want to leave, but this is probably how some people at Microsoft felt years ago when they left to go to Apple.” Not one of his best analgies, but you get the point.

Not only is Mark Simone great on his show, but he was a perfect backup to any of the WABC high profile mouths. Didn’t matter whether he was filling in for Imus, Hannity, or even Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa, who also left WABC to WOR and now’s at AM970.  Not sure why I really liked the guy, but there’s just something about him that connects a mix of a NY socialite with a twist of that NY F-U attitude. How funny is it when Simone would get some crack pot calling in and he gets the audience to understand just how ridiculous the caller really is. If you listened, you know what I mean. It was almost like he had a bunch of Howard Stern “Whack Packers” who would call in regularly just so he could bust their balls. There’s just something funny about it.

Online Spat

Adding fuel to the fire, there was an official message board associated with the show and an unofficial board on Yahoo which a NY blogger felt generated some animosity among listeners who agreed or disagreed with features of the show. “To make a long story short Mark Simone was very nasty and abusive to me which led me to stop listening to that show. Cousin Brucie is a “radio mensch” on Saturday nights while Mr. Simone was very much a coward by assuming a false identity on the Yahoo board and bashing many people including myself.”  There were some other issues that the blogger wouldn’t discuss. (From the site)

What Mark Said

According to Mark Simon on his Facebook page, “If you haven’t  had a chance to listen to my new daily radio show give it a try , 10am-Noon on 710 WOR Radio. It’s fast and fun talk radio that covers everything  going on in the world, NY city, nightlife, your life, my life, lots of your calls and always plenty of great guests. 10am- Noon, Monday thru Friday on 710 WOR Radio.”


2 thoughts on “Talk Show Host Mark Simone Leaves WABC for WOR Radio

  1. This gut needs to get rid of the STUPID TOUPEE!!!!

  2. He was balding at an embarrassing rate before he was 30. The furry pancake is looking more obvious as he ages. But more importantly, he’s an imitation talk host, poorly educated, poor vocabulary, poor grammar, speaks in childish exaggerations and gets most of his “information” from Ann Coulter & Matt Drudge.What he’ll never say is where he gets his spoiled brat attiude from : his mother is Armenian billionairess. And also why he seems to be so confused politically : his father ( Arman Simonian) & sister gave Senator Obama $1k each in 2008. Nothing that comes out of his mouth (or off the top of his head ! ) is authentic.

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