Wowdlogo2Yesterday a new realtime search engine hit the streets online.

What makes Wowd a realtime search engine is that ranks sites based on how often and recently the Wowd community has visited that site. On Wowd, you vote with your mouse, so to speak.

The search engine uses other more traditional ranking algorithms as well, but its main point of differentiation is the realtime clickstream data it gets from the peer-to-peer clients which it wants users to download.

Wowd Real-time Search from Wowd on Vimeo.

Founder and CTO Boris Agapiev came up with the idea. Traditional search engines take time to crawl, sometimes days or weeks to reach new content. But in the world of communication lightspeed, the realtime search capability is a new holy grail. Fresh content is a big deal.

Now that Wowd is open to the public, the real test will begin. Realtime search is a big deal. All the big search comanies aer chasing it right now, with tons of startups (Collecta, OneRiot, Topsy) and as well as bigger companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google going after it.

If you feel particularly geeky, you can blow some time and watch a video and hear Boris talk about his baby.

Take a look.

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