Houston, we have a problem. It started with a small error that presented itself when editing a post using Internet Explorer 7. A window pops up telling you you have some parsing error and then IE crashes (what else is new). After opening up Firefox and completing the post, all seemed well – for a week….and then the RSS feed stopped working. Again- that parsing error. What’s going on we asked. Here’s what we found.

Thre might be a bunch of issues, but one interesting thing about our hosted version of WordPress 2.7.1 is that sometimes the HTML editor doesn’t like particular html coding. You manually enter it, save the blog post, and then when you go back to edit again, the code is gone. I’ve tried this a number of times with the <center/> and <BR/> positioning code.

Open up IE 7 and wham – XML Parsing Error: not well-formed blah blah blah…..boom and IE crashes.

Finally we went back into the posts where we were entering the <BR/> to break the paragraphs up, removed them, and voila, it was fixed. For some reason, and we’re not quite sure why wordpress wasn’t removing the code all the time- it seemed random. But after we removed the manually entered HTML code, the problem fixed itself.

Go figure…..programming caused the error!

Now- how do you get to keep a break <BR/> to stick in a wordpress post- that’s the real question.

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