youtubeSo the common folk wants to upload and present video without being held to the limitations of There are a number of alternatives that have been recently introduced including vimeo, and daily motion . Next question will have to address how corporate viewers are going to get beyond the firewall.

Social networking and video sites are being blocked at the firewall, preventing users inside the corporate domain from socially connecting “on the clock”. Read on to see a few tests becuase there are a few video upload site options that might be better suited for you than something like youtube. If you’re behind the firewall….our apologies – send yourself the link and check it out when you get home.

Here’s a few of the choices we found outside youtube.

Here’s a test ov vimeo:

Job Interview from Ben Schwartz on Vimeo.

Here’s one from

Here’s one good for educators – called

Daily Motion is another good site:

There’s also something called youtube EDU for educators:

So this one might be a bit more “child-friendly”.

Take a look.

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